Innovative Insurance Solution for Agriculture


The Client

Our Client (under NDA) is one of U.S. leading providers of innovative private insurance solutions for agriculture. The company was referred to Intersog by one of our current U.S. clients as a potential software development partner. As a result of negotiations and thorough project estimate, Intersog and the Client launched a software development partnership in 2015.

The Solution

The Client was looking to build a hybrid mobile application to help protect growers against shallow yield losses while keeping their insurance coverage flexible, simple and fully tailored to their operational needs.

For this project, Intersog helped the Client build a Dedicated Development Team in one of our Ukraine-based R&D Centers. The core team was comprised of 4 specialists and had the following composition:

  • 2 mobile developers
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 QA engineer

Temporary resources were added every now and then to speed up certain functions / features development and testing.

Technologies used in the project:

Front-end development: PhoneGap, Chaplin (BackboneJS) + RequireJS

Back-end development: PHP (Kohana framework) + NodeJS parser

Project duration: 4 months

The Results

As a result of software development collaboration, Intersog’s team successfully built and deployed a hybrid mobile application designed to:

  • Help growers add additional yield protection to increase their revenue protection above what can be protected by the Federal Crop Insurance program;
  • Help growers protect themselves against shallow yields
  • Give growers the opportunity to protect a larger portion of their revenue and profits by giving them a larger dependable safety net to sustain, manage, and grow their business

The application unfolds the following benefits for growers:

  • Flexibility to customize the coverage to your needs
  • Simplicity because you know exactly what you’re getting
  • Compliments your current risk management strategies
  • Confidence to manage and grow your operation as planned

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