Travian Games

Travian Games is one of the world’s leading developers of browser-based games, with over 130 million registered and confirmed players worldwide and publications in over 200 countries. Initially faced with the challenge of finding software development resources within Germany, Travian Games has solved the issue by building their own team of game developers in Ukraine where hiring is fast and IT talent is vast.


Internally, Travian Games runs several game production teams that work on both new developments and maintenance and improvement of existing brands. In order to expand its access to the latest technology innovations able to ensure gripping gameplay and long-term enjoyment for players, Travian Games has added few external development teams to act as its development subsidiaries – Northworks (Hamburg), Bright Future (Cologne) and Steroid Interactive (Mainz). However, at a certain point of time, Travian Games faced a challenge finding qualified PHP resources within Germany and looked at Intersog as a nearshore provider of extra IT talent for non-business critical tasks.


Travian Games partnered with Intersog for the purpose of building its own remote teams in Ukraine to assist Munich-run operations. Since it’s very important for Travian Games to keep domain expertise and business knowledge in-house, its Ukrainian teams are fully controlled and managed by Travian project management and its main development team in Germany.

Intersog provides Travian Games’ teams in Ukraine with office space, workstations, and infrastructure, as well as technology and administrative resources needed to successfully fulfill project tasks.

To learn more about our cooperation, please read our interview with Wesley Scott, Director of IT Engineering at Travian Games, and Jörg Strathaus, CTO at Travian Games, about their experience building and managing dedicated development teams in Ukraine.