Intersog® fits perfectly in any software development partnership and empowers innovation with our 6 A’s strength


Starting at the highest level, we are trying to accomplish a business goal or address an issue. Our advisory services include defining and prioritizing goals, establishing measurable success criteria and advising on how software can address the need at hand. In addition to assisting with a clear roadmap, we advise on how to get there. We understand well all fundamentals and building blocks of a successful software development project.

We know how to put all the pieces together while helping advise on the options, feasibility, gap analysis and ramifications.

From product development / evolution advisory, industry trends, and software partner recommendations to sensor, processor, network topology, communications protocol and security suggestions, Intersog is a premier custom development provider who leads innovation and evolution for many industries worldwide.


Intersog® has been building mobile apps since the advent of the first iPhone in 2007. We have produced embedded firmware and software solutions for connected cars, built cutting-edge applications for healthcare, automotive, education and other industries, provided remote control interfaces for electronics and integrated with many types of machine sensors and communication engines. Our breadth of experience in all of these areas makes us an ideal mobile development partner.


The customization and automation potential has never been greater with a combined IoT and mobility solution. User can set their preferences, schedule events, create alerts, make adjustments on the fly and much more. With the advancement in sensor nodes you can even create Equipment Self Service (EqSS) and automated workflows and alerts for maintenance, repair and overhaul automation. The possibilities become almost limitless with the IoT/Mobility 1-2 punch!

Access To Software Developers

In order to 'keep head above water' in this dynamic and volatile technology world, you need to be able to bring ideas to life quickly and define your competitive edge. To leapfrog you competitors and gain market dominance, you need IT resources which can be difficult to get onshore due to their high cost, insufficient pool or bureaucracy in local IT staffing. We have access to national and international talent pools to source from and, thus, we're able to find, qualify and submit IT talent for your in-house or offshore/nearshore project development faster and more cost-effectively than our local competitors! We promise to deliver candidates who best match your budget and technology/skills requirements. We employ "Sky's the Limit" IT staffing philosophy and have many happy customers you can talk to to verify our competence!


This is another area with which Intersog® stresses importance and delivers unprecedented value for any software development project. The types of data derived for marketing or operations can be a game changer in almost any industry. Whatever your market, whether it be manufacturing, consumer products, distribution, education, healthcare or even professional services, there is likely a Big Data / analytics solution that would disrupt your market completely. Most of the potential has not been conceived, so a partner like Intersog is just what the “market” ordered.

Actual Results

If software solution doesn’t meet a market demand, then it’s not worth doing. At Intersog®, we emphasize ideation and innovation with measurable success. Our goal is to be a valued partner that becomes indispensible in achieving market dominance. You want to make a mark and change the world for the better and we want to help you get there!

How we do it

1. Discovery / ideation

2. Workshop / proposal

3. Proof of Concept

4. QA and testing

5. Beta release

6. Fine-tuning / testing

7. Final release

8. Support


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