AI for Business: an Executive's Guide

This guide shares why AI is essential for businesses, what types of AI for enterprises exist, what use cases are, and why Intersog can be a trusted partner for your AI development initiatives.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why AI matters for business
  3. Four types of AI for business
  4. Use cases
  5. AI development with Intersog

We are living through the historical evolution of artificial intelligence (AI). Indeed, a revolution.

It’s crucial for business executives to try every means to stay ahead of the curve. After all, it’s the age of competition. All technology leaders are making the most of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and intelligent automation.

It is imperative that executives learn best practices of employing AI in their business. Only then will there be fair play.  Just like sci-fi films, our lives are dependent on the Siri’s and Alexas of the world. It’s true, and you know. No one sets up their alarms by themselves, any more. We all ask an AI assistant to do it.

Ever thought about the amount of data generated by both humans and machines combined? It is probably a lot. And it is something that cannot be processed by a man. This is why we need devices that can absorb, interpret and make complex yet smart decisions just like humans. This is where artificial intelligence steals the show. The future of business decision-making.