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Intersog helps you develop lovely video games leveraging the benefits of the Unity engine.
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Why Intersog?

Intersog offers you access to a global talent pool of Unity developers who can get your project going in a matter of days. If you are planning to develop a video game with a Unity Engine, you need a reliable partner, and Intersog is the right partner for such a project.

Global Talent Pool

Intersog is based in Chicago with offices around the world. We provide Unity development services to clients across continents and industries.

Fast Recruitment

We help you find the right people for your team in a matter of days. Our top Unity developers will be ready to join the project within two weeks.

You Are in Charge

We give you a list of our best Unity game developers for hire and you pick the ones you want on your team. You approve the composition of the team.

Quality Assurance

When you hire Unity 3D developers at Intersog, you can be sure of the quality. Our QA experts run regular tests to secure premium quality.

What is Unity?

Unity is a game development engine written in C++ and C#. It is a cross-platform engine so it runs on most devices. Right now, it is particularly popular for iOS and Android mobile game development. Some of the most popular mobile games like Pokémon Go, Call of Duty Mobile, and Angry Birds run on Unity. If you want to tap into that new market and make a mobile game, you’ll need a Unity development company as your partner. Intersog is here to become that partner.

Success We Are Proud to Share

Intersog delivers success to clients worldwide leveraging years of experience and industry expertise.
Intersog delivered an enterprise mobility solution for CDW, a Fortune 500 provider of tech products and services
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Innlandet Hospital Trust is one of 15 health trusts in Helse Sør-Øst and covers the counties of Hedmark and Oppland of Norway
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Developing an Email-First AI Virtual Assistant Using GPT-3 and a Custom NLP Model
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SAM Learning is a well-recognized British company providing online learning and examination services to thousands of schools and colleges worldwide
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Our client is an American ed-tech startup providing online education services
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Intersog developed a Discount Keeper application that allows users to save money while buying stuff
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Fast Recruitment

Intersog works with the world’s best developers to deliver outstanding results. We provide a trackable record of expertise for each of our developers.

Real Experts

You can review the CVs of our best developers and interview them if you want. You will then approve the final composition of the team and we’ll roll.

Your Call

Thanks to our global presence, we can give you a team of developers who are located near your location to ensure perfect synergy.

Cultural Match

Our developers are ready to go the moment you approve the team. We do not waste time and get straight to action to deliver results ASAP.


Our developers go all in to develop a perfect product for you. Our QA experts will run the necessary tests to secure perfect quality.

Top Quality

Main Uses of Unity

PC Games
Console Games
Mobile Games
AR and VR Games

PC Games

Making game development more accessible to different studios was the main goal of the Unity engine, so it was primarily used for developing PC games. For years, it has been widely used for developing PC games, big and small.


Console Games

Naturally, being a more democratized game development engine, Unity found its way to consoles like Xbox and Play Station. Right now, you can find hundreds of Unity-based games in the game libraries of any console.

Safety and Security

Mobile Games

Right now, Unity is most commonly used for developing mobile games. It is a multi-platform engine, so it runs on iOS and Android, which means you can develop a mobile app for iPhone and any other smartphone with relative ease.

Simple Deployment

AR and VR Games

RV and AR games are the next hot thing these days, and Unity allows you to develop games for devices like Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Gear VR, and mixed reality smart glasses like Hololens, so you might want to hop on.

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Benefits of Unity Engine

2D and 3D
Write Once
Built-In Analytics
Asset Store


One of the important components of a good game is its visuals – if the game looks good, players might forgive you some of the plot or gameplay flaws. Anyway, you want your game to look good, and Unity offers amazing visual effects both on mobile devices and big platforms. As a Unity app development company, Intersog takes everything Unity engine has to offer to deliver a visually stunning game.

2D and 3D

Unity is used for building both 2D and 3D game environments. Take Angry Birds as an example – the game is 2D and it looks gorgeous. You can even make web browser-based games with Unity and they would also look marvelous thanks to the engine’s high performance. Talking about 3D games, you can just look at such games as Escape from Tarkov, Subnautica, or Praey for the Gods to see how stunning some of the Unity games are in terms of visuals.

Write Once

You can create game apps using pre-build snippets of code. You can write your own code and use it repeatedly throughout the development process or use pre-built code. Besides, the code uses a quite simple syntax common for C# and JavaScript. It means that the experienced developer can understand the Unity code without previous experience with it. Of course, it is better to hire a Unity developer who can do more than just read the code, and Intersog can help you with that.

Built-In Analytics

Unity offers awesome tools for game analytics which you can find in the editor menu. These tools help you get crucial insight into your game. You can get the data on the player’s interactions with the game and determine the friction points to eliminate them and make the game more enjoyable. Our dedicated QA experts can use these analytical tools to eliminate bugs and glitches ensuring a superb gaming experience.

Asset Store

You can create assets and share them with the community using Unity, and many developers actually do that to help each other out. You can find tens of thousands of ready assets you can edit and reuse in your games on the cloud. Character models, environments, textures, sound effects, and music, you can find tons of those for free or at a modest cost. There’s a wealth of pre-made assets you can implement to save time and money on developing a complete game from scratch. A good developer can reuse and change pre-made assets in such a way so that they would look as totally new.


It has been mentioned above but it is one of the most significant features of the Unity engine – it runs on all major platforms. Unity is a unique software since it runs almost everywhere without requiring much change. You can develop games for PC and gaming consoles without having to change much in the two versions of the same game. You can also develop games that run on mobile devices as well as VR and AR devices, which is what many Unity developers switched to in recent years.

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The Best Partner for the Best Results

Intersog is a custom software provider and a Unity game development company in the USA that’s been delivering top-quality solutions to clients across industries. Over the years, we came up with a cooperation model to provide full-stack development services to our clients.


We start our cooperation by defining your project goals and business objectives. We both need to understand what we are working towards to develop a roadmap to achieving your goals.

Development and Testing

We employ a test-driven approach to guarantee the premium quality of the product we develop for you. Our QA experts run tests throughout the development process to ensure a perfect product.

Product Delivery

We roll out a lovely game that is up to your expectations and industry standards. We keep on testing the game and gather the player’s feedback to eliminate all possible bugs and glitches.

Support and Maintenance

We keep on supporting the product throughout its lifecycle or for as long as you need our service. We update the game and respond to any possible issues to ensure a perfect gaming experience.

​Our Development Process​

Ideation and Strategy

So, you have the idea for a new game and we have the technical prowess to make that game happen. Share your vision with us and we will map the development process out together. We take all of your needs and goals into account and develop a game that exceeds expectations. We consult you on the best solutions that can benefit the development process one way or another, and our developers make the best of your ideas come to life.


We design the elements of the game using the Unity engine. Our developers create character models, environments, special effects, cut-scenes, textures, and all the elements of the game design. We make sure everything looks amazing and corresponds to your vision; we want the game to be truly yours, so we stay in touch at all times. Intersog delivers a game that reflects your vision and offers an outstanding experience to the players.

Game Development

After all the assets are gathered and we have all the elements of the game ready, we pull it all together. Developing a game takes time, perseverance, and passion. The players interact with the games in an endless variety of ways, which makes game development so complicated. Intersog makes sure the game responds properly to all kinds of interactions and functions as intended at all times.

Achieve More with Your Best Partner

Intersog has been delivering custom software solutions for successful startups and Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years, and we are ready to help your company achieve more. We deploy dedicated part-time and full-time teams to work on your game and help you achieve maximum efficiency.


We do not waste time delivering results. Hiring a whole team of Unity developers on your own might take your months, which is not ideal, whereas Intersog can give you a team of world-class developers in a matter of days. Our goal is to bring value and make it fast, which is what we do by helping you outsource your game development to our Unity developers.


We offer a reasonable hourly rate for our services as well as different cooperation models. As said, you can hire part-time or full-time teams fast and without redundant spending, which can save you up to 40% on project cost. We do our job fast and at a reasonable price so you can save both time and money. We develop top-quality games your players are going to love.

Unparalleled Expertise

We do not just save your time and money, we also deliver top-quality services to guarantee maximum value for the money you spend. Thanks to our 15 years in the industry, we’ve amassed unparalleled expertise when it comes to software and game development. Our developers deliver outstanding results and tangible success across industries and continents.

Global Talent Pool For Your Success

Intersog is the American software development company with offices across the planet. We deliver success worldwide.

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