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The University of Michigan was researching how to assist the State of Michigan’s Department of Transportation with better monitoring of their current road conditions. Intersog collaborated with the client to build a mobile application that would deliver real-time, pertinent data on current road conditions. The app is used to determine which areas of road need repair, snow/ice removal or other typical preventive maintenance. The goal was to build an embedded system function that integrated with the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) to monitor and provide real-time road condition data for the department’s fleet of vehicles during their normal routes.

As a result, Intersog developed a mobile solution that is based on data gathering from OBD-II.


The primary features of the Android app include complete roadway monitoring, real-time road condition data, and GPS location. The software solution captures vehicle speed, RPM, pedal data, throttle, direction, various pressure parameters and several other stats. The app also allows for data storage if the user is offline. The data will upload automatically the next time the user is connected to a wifi or cellular network.


Android SDK, Java, embedded LINUX, Vehicle ABS, HTML, Eclipse IDE, ODB2 Bluetooth Adapter


The transportation departments can now utilize their fleets to monitor real-time road conditions through their normal activity. Repair crews can be dispatched in a more timely manner and the planning and maintenance cycles can be optimized by deploying preventive measures, thus resulting in cost savings.

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