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The University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) wanted to create an easy-to-use software solution that would allow any UCMC personnel to submit service and helpdesk requests to their centralized service request team. This department collects all types of requests regarding hardware, software, medical and diagnostic equipment as well as facilities management and maintenance requests. The goal of mobile application is to reduce the amount of calls coming into their call center while providing focused, relevant details that aid in expediting the routing and remediation of each request.


The primary usage of the mobile app is the ability to create a new service request, which contains pertinent details about the issue. The modules include a written description, the selection of location from a scroll menu of corporate buildings, as well as specific room number or open text location details, and the attachment of up to 4 photos that could include: asset tag, screenshot, equipment, close up of issue, location in room, etc. Once all the service request data is compiled in the app, the send feature creates an email which is transmitted to the central service request group for dispatch.


iOS SDK, HTML, Java script, CSS


The primary benefit of this application is expeditious communication of detailed information for service requests and reduced time spent to dispatch tickets. The reduction in call center support required to respond to service requests quickly delivers a fast ROI for UCMC. Improved service, fast ROI and simple, yet effective, functionality make the Service Request app extremely beneficial to all UCMC personnel.

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