Helping a British Taxi Service by Developing an Intuitive Mobile App

Intersog developed two versions of a mobile app for Taxi4U; each meant to increase the comfort of passengers and drivers.





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The ride-hailing market is dominated by several large corporations, which makes competition highly fierce for businesses in the domain. Taxi4U is a large airport and seaport transfer service in the UK, and its success comes from occupying a specific niche and offering better pricing options to customers.

However, lower prices are not enough to make your customers love you. Modern consumers are hooked on experiences, and the better experience you give, the more money you make. That was precisely the case here; Taxi4U needed to revolutionize its customer experience and to achieve that, it needed a user-friendly and intuitive mobile app that would let the clients order a taxi in a matter of two taps on their smartphones. Intersog offered the right set of solutions to make the vision for this app come to life.


Taxi4U provides airport and seaport transfer services across the UK’s major cities and several cities across Europe and Canada. One distinctive feature of Taxi4U is that its fleet consists of either electric or hybrid vehicles only, which makes it an attractive transfer option for many customers. The company offers reasonable price tags, eco-friendly transportation, and exceptional service quality. 


Intersog developed two versions of the mobile app on iOS and Android. One app version supports the client side, and the other supports the driver side. 

Key Features

Taxi4U for Drivers:

Taxi4U for Passengers:


Taxi4U specializes in airport and seaport transfers, so it is a highly specialized business that focuses on a single type of service. With fierce competition in the market and with a large chunk of it being occupied by ride-hailing giants like Uber, Taxi4U needed to find a way to stand out and outdo the competition in its service segment.

Choosing quite a narrow specialization, Taxi4U needed a robust and user-friendly mobile application to offer drivers and clients a comfortable and satisfying experience.

As mentioned above, Intersog was tasked with developing two versions of the app: one for the drivers and one for the passengers, and each of those versions had to have several unique features. To achieve that, we came up with a specific set of solutions.


Data model

Building a convenient data model that prevents human error by reducing redundant and repetitive data entry

Security system

Integrating Mitsubishi’s security system to define and differentiate the users by the levels of access to the data and give them a respective level of control over the data

Adding the notifications

Adding the notifications for the users to inform them about important activities that are directly related to their area of responsibilities


Designing an MVP for an app with basic functionality

Cross-platform API

Building API compatible with iOS and Android

Driver search

Automating driver search to minimize the involvement of the operators

eCommerce module

Integrating e-commerce solutions for card payments and email receipts

Big Data

Developing a Big Data solution for feedback collection and rating generation



Together with Taxi4U, we’ve designed and developed a mobile app that runs perfectly on modern iOS and Android devices. It provides all the features a client would expect from the ride-hailing app – quick taxi ordering, comfortable payment options, map navigation, a rating system, and more.

We are proud of the app we rolled out together with Taxi4U, and it is especially great to see the company expanding its global presence. Intersog established a strong partnership with Taxi4U, deployed a fully-functional and robust product, and ensured its flawless performance over time.

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