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Schedule Planner Pro is a unique iOS app we've designed and developed for Digi117. It combines calendar and time tracking for effective task performance, meetings, and appointments. The elegant UI design and the vast possibilities make the Schedule Planner app the top productivity/utility application for mobile devices.

With Schedule Planner Pro you can easily and quickly plan your tasks for the whole day and be sure you will manage to complete most of them. The beautiful and intuitive interface created by our design and software development team allows you to:

  • create your task categories
  • track time spent on pre-planned and planned tasks and items
  • create pie charts and compare your timing to determine the most and least efficient periods and tasks

That being said, our app provides you with a precise understanding and vision of your plans and priorities as well as accomplished milestones.

Intersog added complete synchronization with Google calendar and Dropbox to let you work with all your Google calendar tasks in Schedule Planner and restore all your saved items on any device using Dropbox backup.

The other important app feature is a notification for any of your events – from the scheduled to the completed ones.

Our app has the following features:

  • Charts to let you see how you spend your time
  • Add & edit categories
  • Tasks management via a copy/paste option
  • Repeating tasks
  • Customizable alerts and notifications
  • Sync with Google Calendar and iCal
  • Automated data back

We’ve designed the Schedule Planner app for iOS and Android.

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