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Remote Ventilation Controller App

Client Goal

Our Client is one of U.S. leading providers of energy management solutions based out of Chicago (under NDA). The Client needed to create a smartphone interface for a solution to enable users (facility engineers and/or residential homeowners) to remotely and centrally control the ventilation equipment.  The primary goal is to provide fresh functionality and breathe new life into their existing timer and settings based controller mechanisms. This client provides middleware firmware and electrical equipment to a wide array of electronics manufacturers.  The IoT solution brings a new line of service and capabilities to the business.


IoT application: Remote Monitor and Controller of Ventilation Equipment. Native iOS and Android app.

Functional Features

  • User login authentication (PIN-based)
  • Setup initialization and settings preferences
  • Control all fans individually or centrally
  • Rename devices, set fan speed, set timing parameters or place on continual hold operation
  • Intuitive design that enables easy set up for non-technical user
  • Access diagnostics, network, and settings functional for additional control
  • View of current local weather
  • PIN setting for the controller to reduce potential misuse
  • Overlay instructions to guide users
  • One click last used settings function per device


  • The app is based on ZigBee technology that allows for data transmission over long distances by passing data through a mesh network of intermediate devices to reach more distant ones
  • The app sends binary data for firmware upgrade feature
  • Data that API accepts and returns is purely textual in 2D format
  • Each node (aka HUB) has web server API running (up to 15 nodes on a given network)
  • Data calls are made on demand, no streaming or interval calls

Tech Stack

Objective-C, Java, mesh network, API integration, Zigbee router (in-wall unit), wifi router per fan


  • Target users (facility engineers and/or residential homeowners) can configure, commission, provision, monitor and centrally control ventilation equipment within a single facility on the combination of wifi and LAN networks
  • Reduced ventilation equipment maintenance costs
  • Reduced energy cost

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