Remote Ventilation Controller App for the Energy Management Company

Intersog helped a Chicago-based company develop a mobile application for the remote control of the ventilation systems.


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The Internet of Things is a new powerful technology that allows us to control industrial robots, smart homes, vehicles, and a plethora of devices with ease. That is exactly what one of our clients went for to automate the control and maintenance of ventilation systems. Intersog has been leveraging IoT solutions for years, and that was one of the cases when we put our knowledge and skill to good use.


Our Client is one of the U.S. leading providers of energy management solutions based out of Chicago (under NDA). 


Intersog developed an IoT application that allows for remote monitoring and control of ventilation equipment. The application is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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The Client needed to create a smartphone interface for a solution to enable users (facility engineers and/or residential homeowners) to remotely and centrally control the ventilation equipment. The primary goal is to provide fresh functionality and breathe new life into their existing timer and settings-based controller mechanisms. This client provides middleware firmware and electrical equipment to a wide array of electronics manufacturers. The IoT solution brings a new line of service and capabilities to the business.



The partnership between Intersog and a client resulted in an IoT solution for ventilation systems that allows the individual users to configure, composition, provision, monitor, and centrally control ventilation equipment within a single facility on the combination of WiFi and LAN networks. It also helps reduce the energy and ventilation equipment maintenance cost by predicting failures and notifying the users about the potential risks. 

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