A Decade of Partnership with World’s Leading Identity Resolution Vendor

Intersog formed a long-lasting partnership with Neustar providing a variety of IoT and software development solutions over the years.


Neustar, Inc.


Digital Marketing


Reston, VA, USA

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Back-end/front-end development, Big Data development, Quality Assurance



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United States, Ukraine

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Forming a solid partnership bond is paramount for business success, and our long-term partnership with Neustar is one of the better examples of it. For ten years, Intersog and Neustar have been working together to achieve new heights in digital transformation. Over the years, we’ve built productive relationships that brought mutual benefits and tangible success.


Neustar, Inc., a TransUnion company, is a media intelligence platform that helps marketers to analyze and optimize the efficiency of their campaigns. The company is headquartered in Reston, VA, USA, with a robust global presence providing businesses worldwide with the authoritative identity tool for gaining valuable marketing insights.


In partnership with Neustar, Intersog developed PlatformOne, a data intelligence tool that identifies and segments potential buyers across social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, identifies trends in media, quickly analyzes the efficiency of the marketing campaigns, and evaluates audience metrics.

Key Features

Connectivity between different platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon with Neustar identities and the holistic profiling of the customers.
Communication personalization for inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.
Generating a comprehensive real-time representation of the target audience without compromising their privacy.
Outreach expansion and identification of relevant campaign strategies.
Allocation of media spending to improve efficiency and ROI.
High-speed data processing and reporting for real-time campaign optimization.


As mentioned above, the cooperation between Intersog and Neustar lasted for a decade. Over that time, we’ve encountered a variety of challenges and had to implement all sorts of improvements and updates to keep the platform relevant and fully functional. 

Our cooperation started in 2007, and the main challenge then was to develop a new report manager and update the legacy web application based on the Aggregate Knowledge Discovery Engine. The legacy application sufficed for a time, but it was getting outdated by the day, and for that reason, Aggregate Knowledge needed some substantial changes. As you can tell, that was just the beginning of a fruitful partnership that was one of the longest we’ve ever had.







Neustar is a global provider of identity resolution and data intelligence services employing over 2000 people worldwide. In partnership with Intersog, Neustar has made a considerable leap and underwent a digital transformation that allowed it to take a leading position in its domain. Our decade of practical cooperation and the trusty partnership resulted in the adoption of innovative tech and tremendous business success. By increasing the overall efficiency of the AK system, we helped Neustar generate more profit. In the end, we are proud of our decade of partnership.

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