“Software testers always go to heaven; they’ve already had their fair share of hell.”

Your development and test cycles can’t afford to miss a beat. Mobility, Big Data, IoT and other tech trends bring their own unique challenges that can get your software development project off track relatively easily. Driven with an Agile development methodology, the iterations in web and mobile software development are quick and continual.

Your testing approach should encompass a wide array of options including automation, performance / load, emulated devices, installation tests and varying degrees of memory leak and battery drain testing.

A strong partner with extensive experience and instant resources can mean the difference to delivering high quality, secure and error-free mobile application!

Software Testing Types We Perform

Functional Testing

Black box testing that helps verify whether the code function is compliant with requirements to ensure that a web/mobile app works properly and satisfies user needs. Functional testing implies ignoring the internal parts of your web/mobile app and focusing on the output generation.

Unit Testing

White box testing that aims to verify that the implemented unit is producing expected output against given input.

Integration Testing

This type of testing falls under both white box testing and black box testing. We combine a group of software components to produce output, and then we test the interaction between software and hardware.

Performance Testing

Black box testing that allows us to measure how your web or mobile application meets performance criteria, compare several systems to define which performs better, and detect general performance failures.

Regression Testing

This black box testing is performed to protect your application against further failures and avoid any regressions caused by changes deployed to the functional or non-functional areas of a system, such as patches, enhancement or configuration/environment changes.

Security Testing

With new malware and sophisticated viruses penetrating the mobile space and targeting our sensitive data (e.g., personal, finance), it’s your responsibility as a developer to release a secure application. We perform security testing to make sure your web or mobile app is well protected against phishing, cyber-fraud, DDoS, malware, adware and other threats that can kill your product. Read more in this blog post.

Other types of tests we perform:

System testing, interrupt testing, memory leak testing, stress testing, usability testing, beta testing, acceptance testing, and others.

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