As you’re looking to turn your raw data into business intelligence (BI), how will you determine you’re taking the right path?

Intersog offers Big Data and Analytics solutions for startups, SMEs and large enterprises that are looking to determine their Key Data Indicators (KDIs), build strategic roadmaps, and make use of large amounts of data they're sitting on.

Many businesses today are faced with two key Big Data challenges: skills shortage and the lack of business priority. We offer Full Stack data engineering, science and predictive analytics services as well as IT staffing for Big Data projects.

Today's Cloud technologies and Big Data as a Service model allow for significant reduction of time and cost needed to build from scratch or deploy and customize new-generation data analytics platforms and tools. We offer a smooth Big Data process to let you leverage the combined power of Cloud and Data Analytics.

Leapfrog or Just Leap?

Making a decision to go with Big Data deployment and analytics is more than just challenging your status quo! It's about building strategic roadmaps, prioritizing data for analysis, finding the right skills and talent, and attaining actionable results while achieving appropriate ROI and solid BI
We leverage the power of ready-made BI platforms and Cloud tech, utilize out-of-the-box thinking and latest technologies to deliver the best Big Data solution geared towards your specific business objectives and mission.

Our Big Data / Cloud Services

Big Data Roadmap Requirements

Extract - Transform - Load (ETL)

Your Big Data Success Factors

Intersog Big Data Strategy Assessment

Big Data Strategy Assessment (BDSA) for marketing/sales and/or operations


If the results of your Big Data efforts have been questionable (and under high levels of scrutiny), it may be a good time to take a fresh approach. At Intersog, we trend to the future with what’s possible now and what’s coming next. The time and expense to achieve value fromBig Data initiatives has changed. With the right approach, you can direct the business to a self-service data-driven culture.

Our services are centered around 4 primary facets:

  • ROI Driven
  • High Value Uses Cases
  • Key Data Indicators (KDI)
  • Actionable Results

Intersog Big Data Tactical Services

Our Big Data Tactical Services (BDTS) include task-based activities such as data cleansing, ETL, centralizing and porting to data lake, tools set up, and education/training materials.

We hone in on low hanging fruit, staying focused, starting small, transforming internal skills, achieving value and then expansion and evolution. We dissect the meta from the micro and only spend time on the most pertinent data required to impact the business decisions that facilitate the overarching goals determined from the onset.