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Intersog has been serving its clients for over 15 years, earning the reputation of a trusted IT partner. Browse some of our case studies and success stories.
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Drunk Vikings

This is a free-to-play arcade game that we developed for Alawar Entertainment, Inc. under the SoftTechnics brand. Drunk of elixir, Vikings are getting aggressive and attacking the innocent...

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We've developed a mobile 3D Tower Defense game with a unique user experience (UX design) based on the Unity 3D engine. In this game, you use magical powers of the 4 elements - fire, air, water, and earth - in order to fight against 5...

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Developing Mobile Games for a Partner in Gambling Industry

Intersog partnered with the playing card manufacturer to develop two innovative gaming...

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Mountain Bike

Intersog Mobile App Development Team created innovative 3d racing game Mountain Bike. The game features a dynamic gameplay and is fitted with gravity and hit controls. In the app, Mountain Bike users can ride a virtual...

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