Letter From CEO

I’m honored to lead Intersog as the Chief Executive Officer and happy to work with a team of passionate and devoted professionals that help evolve our brand and fulfill our business mission to the utmost.
Intersog is a software construction business. We work to make our customers happy through dedication and professionalism of our crew.
It's not just a phrase for us! This statement was created in “sweat and tears” over sixteen years ago and still remains valid today. It encapsulates three main pillars of our identity: Core competencies. Core values. Core assets.
Igor Fedulov
Jumping back to our inception days 16 years ago, we started as a group of Delphi and Java developers. Software developers. That is who we are and that is our core strength and main competence. We don't sell prepackaged goods, we don't sell marketing services, we don’t drive delivery trucks. We build software for other companies. We are constructors for hire. We start from blank page and create robust and reliable software products. That's our core competence.

Core competence

What is our core value?

A basic core value of the organization as a whole? After one drops all the high material noise and secondary objectives from the plate and leaves the bare minimum that is an absolute must to have, what does one get? Where is the truth? For us it's customer satisfaction. We exist for this basic reason.
We're focused on establishing long-term relationships with each and every customer. To be sustainable and profitable as a business we must satisfy our customers in terms of quality and timeliness of deliverables, out-of-box approaches to solving their issues and ability to stay within or help reduce their development budget.
Customer satisfaction creates a momentum that fuels our ability to be profitable. Profitability allows us to pay salaries and our dues on time. It also allows us as a company to run multiple programs that grow and groom the pool of educated workers. Starting from employee powered Hack & Tell seminars and all the way to sponsoring free Intersog Labs school for bright and talented newcomers to the world of computer programming.

Our Customers

Customers are our everything

“Customers are our everything” as one of our directors put it. We are in service industry. We sell a highly invisible, intangible promise of the ability to deliver. A promise? Don’t we sell software development expertise? Right, we do, but as an example, next time you go to order a custom made product, try to pay for it in full for a promise that it will be built for you the way you want. Do you feel comfortable doing that? Oh, wait, you are not?

Why not?

Because it's your own hard earned money and there is an anxiety of “what if” it’s not going to come out the way you imagined it? For us, every single new customer is exactly the same way. We understand that we can’t show much at the beginning of the project and that our success balances on that promise of how the final work product will function and if it will be accepted. The key touch points are constant communication and progress insights. Are you, as our customer, satisfied with what we have done for you? And more importantly - can we, as a company, address your concerns in a timely manner to make sure you are satisfied? We strive for that achievable goal, that is so rewarding by itself.
Moving on to the “how” question. Intersog is a group of highly trained and highly compensated professionals.
  • Post college graduation;
  • Hands on field experience;
  • Constant challenge training;
  • Consistent results;
  • Software development commandos;
  • The A+ team.
Why do we call them a crew? My partners and I come from a seaside city in South Ukraine and here in Chicago where Intersog is headquartered we have a beautiful lake and excellent sailing opportunities. We are passionate about boats, yachts and racing, and tend to reflect our maritime lifestyle in our corporate culture!
Yes, we are those professionals and each individual employee is our core asset. Next time when you look in the bathroom mirror just tell yourself that you are a professional and see how it feels. Does it feel right? You step inside of our organization and you want to ask yourself why?

What was the reason?

You want to create things, collaborate on things that will later be used and appreciated by somebody you don't even know? Doesn’t it make you proud of yourself? Isn't it what each and every one of us wants to hear? You come to the office to dedicate your professionalism to the company, don’t you? In turn, Intersog takes your dedication and your professionalism to achieve our business goals - profitability and customer satisfaction. Ability to do that consistently is a circular dependence of our basic values.
Igor Fedulov, CEO, Intersog