Connected Car App Development

Are you looking to build a Connected Car solution fast and cost-effectively in order to provide drivers with a richer user experience, a new suite of product offerings, and enhanced safety and security?
We can help you establish an ongoing customer relationship as well as incremental revenue source over the lifecycle of your connected vehicle application by letting you leverage our Connected Car app development expertise and talent!
Connected Car App Development Strategy

Application Development

When it comes to application development for the Connected Vehicle, there are certain restrictions, policies and guidelines that should be considered prior to any investments in project development. So, outsourcing your app development project to a professional provider like Intersog can help you not only save costs, but also achieve significant top line growth and user loyalty, and jump fast on connected car bandwagon.

At Intersog, we assist our clients in staying on top of technology's wave with strategic advisory and custom project development services. With our vision and tactical knowledge you can execute smart car solutions that disrupt the market and help you lead instead of follow.

Project Development Process

We assist with project specifications and roadmap, advise on technologies / platforms and methodologies, and deliver a final proposal that will contain exact information about how much you can save from your app dev budget in the mid and long term!

Connected Car Custom Development Solutions

Intersog's Connected Car App Development solutions allow you to either build a dedicated software dev team offshore (in Ukraine), nearshore (in Canada) or in a hybrid location (distributed team) for your long-term business goals, or get on-demand IT / IoT / IT Security consultants to fill the skills gap on your in-house / onsite team for short-term goals.

Check out our projects

Our connected car app development services include design, development and maintenance of:

  • In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems
  • On-board diagnostics dashboards / apps (OBD-II) (check out OBD-II solution we built for the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute)
  • Anti-lock braking systems (ABS)
  • Location-based services such as map data compilation, updates and maintenance
  • Advanced geospatial algorithm development
  • POI processing
  • Location-based analytics and Big Data integration / deployment
  • Integration with third party platforms and frameworks such as INRIX® and OpenCar
  • Android Auto based solutions
  • Apps for electronic logging devices (ELD)
  • Connected car solution prototypes (check out Android programmed prototype for user feedback collection and analysis we built for one of the world's largest suppliers of automotive components)
  • Smartphone connectivity solutions, and more!

Our Connected Car App Dev Expertise:

  • Native platforms (iOS, Android, Android Auto)
  • Hybrid app development (HTML5, PhoneGap, Xamarin)
  • Web, PostgreSQL, AJAX, HTML, EDI
  • Embedded computing technologies (Linux)
  • Java
  • Platforms: OpenCar, INRIX®, Windows Embedded Automotive, platform of your choice
  • UX/UI design
  • QA and testing
  • Prototyping
  • Data analytics integration