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[Intersog Podcast #4] Interview with Big Data and AI innovator Rob Grzywinski

Last week we had the honor to welcome our new Chief Scientist Rob Grzywinski in the Intersog Kyiv office where he hosted an internal Hack'n'Tell event for our developers and demonstrated in a step-by-step way how to create a data infrastructure (you'll find the video of his presentation in our blog next week).

I couldn't miss the opportunity and help asking Rob some of the most burning questions about Big Data and how it'll disrupt the future. In particular, I asked Rob about what questions a startup or a small company should ask themselves prior to launching a Big Data project, his biggest Big Data moments, Big Data use cases that haven't been exploited yet, how public data will influence not-for-profit organizations, and more. Listen to our new podcast to hear his answers.

In a nutshell, why should you listen to Rob?

Read more about Aggregate Knowledge and how Intersog helped build the system.

Don't forget to check Rob's advice for how not to get up at 3 am to fix bugs!

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