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We’ve had a challenge finding qualified PHP resources. Now we’re able to find these resources quite quickly with Intersog.
Wesley Scott, Travian Games
Intersog developed a robust online supply chain solution connecting Mitsubishi with all of their partners and stakeholders, who are now able to see all pieces of information that relate to their business functions.
NDA, Mitsubishi Motors
Not only Intersog’s QA team helped us remove more than 2400 bugs from our code, but they proposed important features that were later on implemented in our web app code. On top of that, Intersog helped us implement an innovative Self Service feature.
NDA, Topspin
Due to the successful code unification done by Intersog, we are able to support multiple web products for different market segments using a single platform, while benefiting from improved data structure and visualization.
NDA, SAM Learning
I definitely had to “sell” the concept of outsourcing to my CEOs both at AK and Topspin, but I was never choosing between destinations. I’d had experience of outsourcing to India before, and it wasn’t very positive. So, for me the question was whether to work with Intersog versus hiring onshore. Intersog took so much project work off my table!
Kris Wehner, Aggregate Knowledge