"Intersog is professionalism, enthusiasm and deep understanding of our values!"
Dr. Charles BUTLER, MD, Founder, CEO of Video Medicine
"A long-term partner rather than just a contractor"
Jack Turner, Founder and President of Ski Nation
"A reliable business partner!"
Jörg Strathaus, CTO of Travian Games
Intersog is Chicago’s award-winning mobile and web developer and UX/UI design service provider

We are a tight-knit team of custom software & mobile apps development professionals helping startups and Fortune 500 companies build and market successful digital solutions.

With our Agile methodology, extensive app development software experience and ongoing commitment to quality, we help businesses from any niche and vertical overcome their challenges and reach their most aggressive mobility goals. Whether those challenges are putting ideas into a well-structured requirements specification; developing a go-mobile strategy from scratch; bringing a digital product to life; or improving digital product quality - at Intersog, we do it all!

Intersog has been at the forefront of web and mobile technology since 2005 and has become a globally recognized thought leader for building web, mobile apps and mobile web applications.

How does Intersog stand out from the crowd?

Our people

We are a mobile app development company that achieves profit and customer satisfaction through ongoing commitment and dedication of our people!

We hire the best of the best. Our team consists of highly skilled and well educated IT talent who are dedicated to exceeding any client's expectations. As a business, we invest time and resources into professional development of our people to make sure their skills are up-to-date and their knowledge is sufficient enough to take your project from the ground up with full understanding of your business goals and end users' needs.

We guarantee a team of IT professionals with appropriate hard and soft skills that will work on your project with passion and full dedication to deliver your software product on time, on budget and with the highest quality ever!

Our experience

Since the early days of mobile we have built and successfully launched over 300 own and custom (white label) applications for the major mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

With every project, we have learned from customer feedback and conducted case studies to help us create a wealth of knowledge and expertise in native, hybrid and HTML5 apps development and UX/ UI design.

Whether you need full technology stack or assistance with front-end / backend development and/or QA and testing, we have capabilities and resources able to meet your most sophisticated software development needs!

What Our Clients Say

Intersog was chosen for a number of reasons. Firstly, their previous work was really good; secondly and more importantly – they seemed to be genuinely interested in my app idea and concept. Also, Intersog didn’t look like a company that would just do work and say good-bye. I’m happy with my choice and have never regretted making it.
Jack Turner, Founder & President, Ski Nation
We’ve had a challenge finding qualified PHP resources; now we’re able to find these resources quite quickly with Intersog. Our team in Munich is responsible for the project and works with the Intersog teams in Ukraine to get it done.
Jörg Strathaus, CTO, Travian Games
Due to the successful code unification done by Intersog, we are able to support multiple web products for different market segments using a single platform, while benefiting from improved data structure and visualization.
Project Manager, SAM Learning Go!
Not only did Intersog’s QA team help us with removing more than 2,400 bugs from our code, but they proposed important features that were later implemented into our code. Intersog’s programmers also helped us with implementing an innovative Self-Service feature.
Scrum Master, Topspin

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