A Survivor's Guide To Mobile App Testing

Getting a fantastic app idea approved, funded, designed, developed and tested is a daunting task for any organization. These days, the IT department is inundated with requests from the business. The business is overwhelmed defining the organizational strategy, vendor solicitation and ever shifting business climates. Meanwhile, the executive levels are commanding that any worthwhile endeavor be delivered IMMEDIATELY! This is our instant gratification society expecting that whatever we dream we can accomplish.

Software development is not an exact science. It takes years of experience to accurately estimate and deliver on time and within budget. Technology is changing so rapidly that the “years of experience” often doesn’t exist in anyone. At the time you decide you have a great mobile app idea, you have to stick a stake in the sand and get the job done!

Besides the plethora of decisions you have to make to turn your vision into a product, you have to deal with the dynamics of testing in the mobile realm. This brings a unique set of challenges that can blow the estimates out of the water if they are not addressed properly. The standard rule of thumb for traditional software development is 25% should be dedicated to testing. In the mobile world, it’s more like 35-40%!

Our 'Survivor's Guide' addresses the following topics:

Don’t let test cycles affect your timeline! You’re used to being the hero and pulling out all the stops to deliver and meet the deadlines and expectations of your particular Organization. Our guide provides aid to ensure you make it happen!

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