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How to estimate the cost of an offshore development team

So you want to have decided to offshore your software development or you’re about to decide, but still want to know how much is gonna cost you and where to outsource. Sure, you...

Three methods of pre-processing data in AI chatbot development

To get a well-performing chatbot with accurate intent classification and question-answering, you usually need a massive amount of training data. Generally speaking, that data is...

How Custom Software Development Helps Businesses Build and Modernize Applications

Nowadays, businesses are facing various challenges due to the technological shift that is happening in every industry. As a result, shelf software products are becoming...

The Boom of Custom Software Development Companies - How to Choose the Right Partner?

With the rapid shift in technology, we can see that software development is also widely changing. Therefore, a tool or technique that might be a hit this year can become obsolete...