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Intersog Ranks 3rd Among Top 10 Android Development Companies in the UK

Good news has just arrived from the United Kingdom where Intersog is recognized among 10 best Android Development companies. As the rating shows, we rank 3d in the List of Top 10...

Meta Space Glasses: The Killer of Google Glass?

Remember the helmet that Tony Stark uses in the Iron Man? The one with a holographic interface letting you anchor various menus to certain surfaces, sticking a virtual screen on a...

Google Glass - For Geeky Users Only?

The Google Glass project sounded very interesting when it was incepted. Once it's released out to the public some time this year it would be great to try and play with the device...

AppAdvice: Schedule Planner PRO HD Is An Almost Perfect Productivity App For The iPad

Luke Patrick reviews our app and concludes that "Schedule Planner PRO HD is still a fantastic planner for the iPad. Its very useful sorting features and easy to use interface make...