There’s no denying the fact that the newest digital history is divided into two epochs – before iPad and after iPad. Since iPad’s launch to the mass market in 2010, it has undisputably become a true hallmark of the current decade and the major game changer of our digital life. Today’s statistics of iPad usage is impressive indeed: in the United States, there are almost 66 million iPad owners as of 2013 (up 28% from 2012) that account for 60.5% of all tablet users. Experts predict that in 2014 the number of iPad owners in the U.S. will grow by almost 14%. It is expected that by 2016 iPad will be owned by 85 million people (see picture below). As of Q1 2013, Apple iPad holds almost 50% of the global tablet market share, according to Statista. Such factors as rapid evolution of the 4G technology which is almost 5x faster than current 3G services prove iPad apps development to be an essential IT function for each forward looking business. Since 2010 we have successfully developed, launched and promoted over 100 iPad apps of different genres, both free and paid. Some of our iPad apps such as Taptodo, Interview Assistant, World Academy Online, Pocket MBA are top rated in iTunes. Our legendarySchedule Planner app has been downloaded over 2 million times so far. Our award-winning apps have earned us a reputation of a true iPad apps development expert and got us to several well recognized Best iOS Development Company lists. We offer you cutting-edge iPad apps development services based on our digital know-how and best practices of iOS 7 apps design, architecture, QA and testing, Agile development, etc. We offer two types of engagement:

IT Staffing

Intersog helps you set up and manage your own Dedicated iOS Development in one of our R&D centers in Ukraine. This model is best for long-term cooperation, as it allows you to have a fully scalable and transparent solution that is similar to running an in-house development team, but for a much lower cost.

Managed iPad apps development

You pay for time and materials needed to develop your best-of-breed iPad app. You can develop with us: Our key differentiator is that you can use us as a one-stop shop for all of your iPad apps design, development and promotion. We will both deliver a high quality app tailored to your specific business needs and goals, and help you drive it to the top charts in Apple’s App Store.