iOS 7 is indisputably the biggest buzzword in the hype-filled, hyper-competitive world of consumer electronics. The day Apple has launched its new operating system is “the biggest day in technology ever”, according to Evernote CEO Phil Libin (source: TechCrunch).

“There’s never been another day like this in the history of the universe where hundreds of millions of people will see a big change to something that they’re used to,” says Libin. “Nothing of this scale has ever occurred”.

This “big change” has occurred not only on the consumer side with millions of people around the world having to get used to a new beautiful UI, enhanced functionality and disruptive features such as iBeacons (aka killer of NFC technology) or AirDrop. iOS 7 claims to have changed the app development process as well.

Since Apple unveiled the beta version of the new OS in June 2013, thousands of developers have been exploring ways to get their apps ready for it - from fancying up icons, updating the UI and creating animations to fine-tuning the Touch ID technology.

Because iOS 7 contains so many new design elements and features, most of iOS app owners and developers have no other choice but to optimize their existing apps for iOS 7 or simply create their iOS 7 apps from scratch. If you haven’t yet converted your app into an iOS 7 friendly one, you can’t and shouldn’t anticipate your app to become a bestseller that ensures a steady stream of revenue for your company!

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