Developing Mobile Games for a Partner in Gambling Industry

Intersog partnered with the playing card manufacturer to develop two innovative gaming applications.


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Evolution and change are essential for any business, and our partner is one of such businesses that never stop evolving and adopting new technology to advance their interests. That is why the company’s owners came up with the idea of a gaming app. Intersog helped make a confident step towards a digital transformation.  


Our client is one of the large producers and distributors of playing cards. In 2012, they came up with the idea of developing a casino gaming app for iOS and Android. 


Together with our client, we created a new mobile social gaming experience.

Key Features

A multi-platform product that runs on iOS and Android
Free-to-play games for a fair and engaging experience
A community feature for the player interaction
Slot games that provide 100% social experience


With mobile gaming becoming increasingly popular, it is only natural to try and develop a card game for mobile devices. To make that happen, the client needed a reliable and tech-savvy partner who could help with developing such a game. That is where Intersog comes into the picture, and together we came up with the idea for two apps that would allow the players to experience casino and card games without actually risking their money. Intersog suggested a number of solutions to making that whole idea work.



Outlining the features of the applications

Developing multi-platform applications that work on Android and iOS

Designing an engaging UI that attracts the players and represents certain themes like a tropical resort, magic farm, Neptun’s Lair, and more

Developing a number of slot games for the application

Developing a community feature


The result of our partnership was the creation of two lovely mobile applications. Casino by Zenis has been ranked 29th in the iPhone games list and Social Slots app has been ranked 12th in the Top 25 Free iPhone and iPad casino games list. We are proud of the high rating we’ve reached and the applications we’ve created together with our client. It has been a productive partnership that resulted in spectacular results.

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