We initiate all projects with a comprehensive project management approach utilizing MSProject for project planning and milestone tracking, SVN or Git for version control and Bamboo-CI for continuous integration. Each night the builds are compiled for the entire project and any discrepancies are managed with alerts being sent to the assigned parties. Real-time tracking of requirements and milestone progress is done using Jira and Confluence is used for documentation, which allows Intersog project managers (PMs) to get an instant view into state of issues and bugs as they are being worked on by developers.


Internally we meet on a daily basis for assignments or updates on tasks and projects. Weekly we hold internal meetings for each project that include the account manager with design and/or development leads. We hold weekly or bi-weekly client meetings as required and have project communications throughout the cycle between scheduled meetings. Each project is assigned an account manager, project manager, design lead, development lead and project coordinator. The size of the project will dictate how many designers, developers or testers would be required.


This phase includes analysis and refinement of proposal scope including competitive assessment, available industry apps, industry trends and strategy alignment. We recommend that clients review their favorite apps of any type for user interface, navigation and preferences. Based on the clarified scope we produce a project plan with Gantt chart for milestones and task events.


After creating a project plan and task list for the project, we create an interactive prototype for validation and adjustments. This will be a starting point to discuss your product and derive feedback on the navigation and workflow elements. We collaborate to get the UI components solidified. Then we add design to that wireframe which results in producing a key deliverable - the Project Scope document. This document contains the scope in function and screens, the platform/OS coverage requirements and additional project details. This is used as an authorization form to move forward with development. It will also be used to show the target audience (focus group or interviews) feedback prior to the final approval. For the creation of prototypes and interfaces, our UI designers and analysts use Axure Pro, Omni Graffle, MS Visio and several internet services such as iPlotz and iRize.


Based on the final project specifications, our architects create the detailed technical documentation. Creating the Technical Specifications is the reference point for our system architects and developers.


We employ best practice standards in SEO and ASO, app descriptions, app store submissions and publishing. We guide our clients on the best way to deploy, update (compliance requirements and app evolution) and support the apps.


When the tech specs are complete, we start the development process. Following Agile development principles and integrating quality assurance processes, we provide a working build of the app or web service as soon as possible to validate the app functionality meets the client’s expectations.
The Agile approach, together with weekly internal reports, helps us maintain a clear project vision and transparency in the project schedule. When the development is complete and all the system modules have successfully finished unit-testing, we set up additional mandatory internal testing.
After our testing is complete, our customer receives the final build and verifies deployment of the project. When all sides are completely satisfied with the quality and stability of the product – the project is finished and our clients gain all rights for the product.

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