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Intersog to Participate in the Illinois Curriculum Revitalization (CR) Project

We’re excited to announce that Intersog’s Director of Sales - North America Margaret Dickman will participate in the Structured Group Interview (SGI) to develop App Development/Coding curriculum for Illinois high school teachers. The SGI panel of experts will be held on July 30, 2015, at the Technology Center of DuPage, Chicago, IL from 8:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The SGI of practicing app developers is the first step in the process of creating industry-based curriculum for Illinois high school teachers. During the panel, selected app developers will share with the Illinois State Board of Education what skill sets are most sought-after in mobile app developers today and what skills and capabilities will be in high demand in the future. This knowledge will help policymakers design and produce industry-based curriculum for high school educators in the effort to give them support in teaching this subject to and nurturing these skills in the Illinois high school students.

Once the rough course outline of topics and lesson plans has been identified, all participating app developers will validate the content and provide their feedback. After the validation, teachers will be hired to create lesson plans that will then be available to all Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers in Illinois at no cost.

Believing in the power of knowledge sharing and collaboration, Intersog is always open to contribute to improvement of local communities and IT education in locales where we have our presence.

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Check out the Illinois State Board of Education website to learn more about the CR project.

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