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Intersog Partners With Little Lion To Revolutionize How Retailers Stay Ahead of Trends

Little Lion, a technology powerhouse in data analytics, is thrilled to have Intersog CEO Igor Fedulov join the company as an advisor on software development and resources. As part of the leadership team, he will lead software staffing and execution to keep up with the demand of Little Lion's rapidly growing customer base and operations.

Little Lion focuses on empowering retailers to leverage Power of PurchaseTM data to stay ahead of emerging trends and improve bottom lines.  With over 800k merchants in its database, Little Lion can identify whether spin and bar studios are gaining from mainstream gyms, which cook-at-home delivery service is leading with customers, how slashing prices at Whole Foods has impacted nearby retailers, and whether champagne bars are taking off.

"Consumers have evolving preferences and often purchase from multiple competing retailers.  Enabling retailers to measure the degree to which those unique differences directly impact them can greatly improve their ROI.  We need to provide valuable information to Little Lion’s customer base in real-time so they can proactively capitalize on new opportunities.  This is why Igor’s software experience and ability to over-deliver on execution is a tremendous asset.  We are honored to have Igor as part of the Little Lion family!" says Liem Le, Founder and CEO of Little Lion.

Commenting on this new venture, Igor says:

“Knowledge of your customers' purchase behaviors and where you rank among your competition is critical to any sustainable business model. I’m very happy to help evolve Little Lion’s technology and provide cutting-edge solutions that will optimize the discovery of the power of purchase.”

Leveraging the latest technology, Little Lion is able to process billions of data points in seconds, integrate with multiple data sources, and provide valuable domain expert-led insights, flexibility, and customization.

About Little Lion:

Little Lion is a data analytics and technology company focused on empowering retailers and manufacturers to maximize growth and profitability through its Power of PurchaseTM data. With over 800k merchants and more than 5 years history down to the daily level, Little Lion provides an unprecedented view into customer purchase behaviors.  Little Lion helps companies increase their customers’ lifetime value by providing insights into their customer’s unique lifestyle preferences and regional affinities.  Little Lion also conducts merchant cross-purchasing and switching analyses to help companies understand where else their customers purchase, and which competitors are gaining or losing share of wallet.

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