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Intersog CTO Featured as a Web Expert on Clutch

Intersog’s CTO, Sergey Nemesh, was recently interviewed by Clutch on his experience with Wix. This is part of a series of interviews that Clutch is conducting with IT professionals to get their insights on web design platforms to help business buyers find the right IT partners and products to fit their business needs.

There are a lot of similar products in the website builders’ market, and it is hard to differentiate between them. According to Sergey, Wix is one of the easier tools out there, as it does not require any coding:

“Wix is definitely one of the easiest website builders available on the market. It prompts you to choose a website type and offers several relevant templates to choose from. To move objects, you just click them, drag them, and drop them anywhere on the page. Editing is super easy, too. One cool feature is the ability to upload custom fonts. Most websites created with DIY builders have basic fonts only and look very similar, regardless of what content they actually present. Wix lets you upload sophisticated fonts and add an authentic look and feel for your website. Parallax scrolling and animation effects are two more cool features—not to mention cinematography, a new design element that boosts any website!”

He recommends Wix for users that don’t have a technical background:

“Wix is best for people who need to establish their own web/mobile presence but who don’t have a technical background or the money to build a website internally or outsource website development to a third-party vendor. I wouldn’t recommend Wix as a business tool.”

With that being said, website builders are limited tools. They are great for freelancers and personal websites, but they might lack some functionality when it comes to business sites. Sergey concluded with the following:

“In my humble opinion, website builders should only be used by individuals who can’t code or design stuff on their own and who need to create an online portfolio/resume to pursue better career opportunities. “Drag and drop” website builders and other plug-and-play solutions are sufficient to cover basic needs for your online presence. Again, I’d recommend that companies stay away from them and crave customized websites and software solutions”

You can read the full interview on Clutch and check out our Clutch profile to read 5 client reviews. 

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