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iGaming Super Show 2013: Wrap-Up [Part 2]

Continuing to recap Intersog's major takeaways from this year's iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam, I'd like to briefly sum up why today's land-based casinos should consider going mobile as soon as possible and what social sports betting apps will be in demand in the near future.

According to Eric Olders, CEO of JVH Gaming, if any land-based casino management looks at their clients, they'll see a lot of IT savvy young people walking around with their smartphones and spending most of their leisure time in a virtual space. Given that mobile gaming already accounts for 50% of the total iGaming revenues, brick-and-mortar casinos will lose a lot of cash if they ignore their clients' mobile behaviors and preferences.

Here Bitcoin can be a perfect solution for online gamblers who want to have the same experiences they have while gambling offline. Used as a casino chip, Bitcoin is able to provide users with the same level of immediacy, privacy and irreversibility as a land-based Star Gambling. But what is more important, Bitcoin eliminates any waiting time, meaning you don't have to wait for the money to arrive after you've won.

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2010 was the year when mobile first saw a double digit growth and now people are so used to mobile that they use their tablets and smartphones both as a second screen and as a tool to analyze data and make transactions.

Since mobile audience is a highly engaged market, it will play a pivotal role in future sports betting, according to industry experts. In the future, the social opinion will drive content and people will rely on it while engaging with betting on races and tournaments. We will require smart apps allowing easy collection of online insights and analysis of the social opinion (e.g. a mix of online comments, individual forecasts and expectations) about each event we want to bet on.

Social elements should be embedded directly into live sports betting to engage a larger audience. But since betting operators don't control the entire technology stack and have to rely on 3d parties to power their real-time pricing, the innovation in sports betting is expected to come from  mobile software developer community, not bookmakers. And developers have already created some cool apps enabling betters to predict events such as the next goal and compare them against those of their friends. This will drive the future demand for apps able to transform the solitary act of watching TV into a real-time social experience.

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