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How We Hosted Hack'n'Tell PHP

Last weekend we hosted a very successful Hack'n'Tell conference in our R&D Center in Odessa, Ukraine. The event gathered over 120 PHP developers, practitioners and opinion leaders from Ukraine, Poland and Germany.

php events 2015

Intersog's PHP event kicked off with a virtual keynote from Michael Goryanski, our Hack'n'Tell Founder that currently resides in Munich, Germany.

michael goryanski

Michael Goryanski, Senior PHP Developer at Westwing


Among other speakers were Alexander Bordun, Founder of the Ukrainian Yii community, Andrey Vasiliev, our Travian Games project Team Lead, Kirill Shtimmerman, Symphony Solutions architect and evangelist, first-time presenter (and quite successful) Dmitri Krasun from TonicForHealth, and Michael Bodnarchuk, Ukraine's famous PHP expert.

alex bordun, Developer в Hatimeria

Alexander Bordun, Developer at Hatimeria

travian games

Andrey Vasiliev, Travian Games project Team Lead

Kirill Shtimmerman, Symfony Solutions architect

Kirill Shtimmerman, Symfony Solutions architect

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michael bodnarchuk, Lead Developer at Codegyre

Michael Bodnarchuk, Lead Developer at Codegyre

Dmitri Krasun, Backend Developer at TonicForHealth

Dmitri Krasun, Backend Developer at TonicForHealth

Besides keynotes and networking, we gave away our partners' prizes to quiz winners, had fun and fired up the event with music sets from Intersog DJ Igor Rolinskiy.

Intersog dj

Igor Rolinskiy, Senior Android Developer & DJ at Intersog

ukraine php resources

Hack'n'Tell PHP 2015

Also, check out some keynote presentations from our Hack-n-Tell.

Symfony2: Quick Start (by Kirill Shtimmerman) - Hack'n'Tell PHP - 2015.09.26 from INTERSOG

One code quality tool (by Dmitry Krasun) - Hack'n'Tell PHP - 2015.09.26 from INTERSOG

Yii2 (by Alex Bordun) - Hack'n'Tell PHP - 2015.09.26 from INTERSOG

For more pictures go to our FB page; for more presentations check out our SlideShare.

Hope to see you at our next Hack'n'Tell conference!

Vik is our Brand Journalist and Head of Online Marketing / PR with 11+ years of international experience in IT B2B. He's also a guest blog contributor to Business2community, SitePoint, Journal of mHealth, Wearable Valley and other IT portals.

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