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Hire a team of C# developers in a matter of days and achieve your digital transformation goals with Intersog.
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Why Intersog?

Intersog has been providing top-notch C# development services for over 15 years across continents and industries. We are the tech talent powerhouse that helps you hire the world’s best C# developers fast and without any headache. Our expertise now serves your best interests.

Fast Recruitment

We help you hire an entire C# development team in a matter of several days. We define the scope of your project and give you just the right people to match your specs.

Global Talent Pool

With headquarters in Chicago, we operate globally to ensure efficient communications with clients worldwide and give you the best tech talents across continents.

Focus on Cost-Efficiency

Hiring an entire team of developers at once is far cheaper than hiring developers one by one. We give you a full stack team saving you up to 40% on project cost.

You Are in Charge

You make the final call when choosing dedicated developers. We give you a selection of our best people, and you pick the ones that fit your project better.

Why Choose C# ?

C#, also known as C Sharp, is a robust and reliable object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that was developed by Microsoft back in 2000. Being a general-purpose language, C# can be used to create a wide range of programs and applications like mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, enterprise software, video games, cloud-based services, and more. It is a versatile language you can use almost anywhere, and considering its many advantages, it might just be your best choice.

Delivering Success Across Industries

Intersog is a C# development company that delivers a variety of services to hundreds of clients worldwide.
Intersog developed a groundbreaking healthcare app that helps patients consult with doctors remotely
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A GPS Tracker for a better park visitor experience
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Intersog delivered an enterprise mobility solution for CDW, a Fortune 500 provider of tech products and services
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Innlandet Hospital Trust is one of 15 health trusts in Helse Sør-Øst and covers the counties of Hedmark and Oppland of Norway
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Developing an Email-First AI Virtual Assistant Using GPT-3 and a Custom NLP Model
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SAM Learning is a well-recognized British company providing online learning and examination services to thousands of schools and colleges worldwide
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Convenient Recruitment

Hiring freelance developers is often tricky as you can have no proof of their expertise. We give a proven record of expertise for each of our developers.

Real Experts

We give you the CV of our top developers, while you interview and choose the ones you want working on your project. The final team composition is always up to you.

It’s Your Choice

Thanks to our global presence, we can give you access to the world’s biggest talent pool, so you can choose people who share the culture and values of your team.

Cultural Matching

Intersog works fast to help you hire C# developers and achieve your goals. Once you select the people you want on your team, they’ll jump straight to it.

Wasting No Time

Though we work fast, we never sacrifice the quality of the final product. We employ a test-driven approach and deliver a product that is up to the highest standards.

Unrivaled Quality

Delivering Success Step by Step

Ideation and Roadmapping

At this stage, we discuss your ideas and project’s specs to define your needs and map out all the milestones on our way. We go through all of the factors that define the success of your future application: monetization, marketing, competition, core functionality, special features, and all the factors that make up a good product. This allows us to better understand where to allocate our efforts.

UI Design

C# gives the developers a number of tools for crafting a lovely and convenient UI. We leverage the capabilities of the language to develop an aesthetically appealing UI and ensure its flawless functioning. We work on both front end and backend and develop a beautiful product your users are going to love.

Full Stack Development

We build your product from the ground up – you have a wonderful idea and we have all the knowledge and skills to realize it. Intersog works hard to make your application perfect and get the gears spinning for your project. Our QA experts run frequent tests to guarantee the top-notch quality and smooth functioning of the end-product.

The Perks of C# Application Development

Relevant and Simple
Rich Libraries
Cross Platform

Relevant and Simple

Though C# has been around for two decades already, it is one of the most dynamic languages out there. It is used widely in a variety of industries and is quite simple to learn and use. It is a perfect choice for building interoperable, robust, and scalable applications. It is also used in game development, specifically in the Unity engine. The capabilities of C# are quite impressive, which is why it might be a good choice for your project too.



What interoperability means is that you can use parts of code written in different languages and they would still interact with one another. Whenever you hire C Sharp developers to add improvements or new features to your existing applications, you know they’d be able to do it without rewriting the base code. Regardless of which language was used to code a base app, C# can be used to scale it up and expand its functionality with relative ease.

Safety and Security

Rich Libraries

C# offers a rich library of tools that are used to accomplish a variety of goals. Such frameworks as .Net, Newtonsoft, Cake, to name a few, have been extremely popular among developers thanks to their built-in features that make the development process much faster and easier. Thanks to the number of libraries, C# can be used almost anywhere and accomplish a variety of goals all at once.

Simple Deployment

Cross Platform

C# works perfectly with most devices and operational systems. You can use it to make applications for Windows, iOS, and Android without having to change the code. Unlike certain languages where you’d have to rewrite large portions of code to fit different platforms, with C#, you don’t need to do that. If you are planning to develop a multi-platform application, hiring a C# development team might just be the right way to go.

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Making Your Best Ideas Work

Intersog is more than just a C# development outsourcing company; we are your partner who works tirelessly to get your product from the ideation stage and to the final delivery. Our goal is to help you achieve results fast and with no redundant spending, so we came up with a following cooperation model.


Intersog is where your brilliant ideas take shape and meet reality. We analyze the project’s specs, your business objectives, and offer the best approach to turning your ideas into life.

Quality Assurance

One of the critical things in C# development outsourcing is ensuring quality of the product. We test the product throughout the development and secure quality.

Product Deployment

We roll out an incredible product that is up to the highest industry standards and your expectations. We test the product after the deployment for total confidence.

Support and Maintenance

After our work is done, we do not just leave you there; we offer our support services. We continue testing and maintaining the product for perfect performance.

Partner with the Best to Get the Best

Intersog is a reliable provider of custom software development services, and we do not limit to just C#. In fact, we work with a wide variety of programming languages, which is why you can count on us as your partner under different circumstances. We are more than a vendor – we are a partner you can trust!

Focus on Human Values

Contracts and formal agreements are important but we pay much more attention to openness, respect, and genuine care. These real human values are paramount in building healthy relationships between partners, and we put a strong emphasis on these values. It is essential for us to build and maintain a truly human approach to cooperation with the clients rather, and we hope to share these values with you.

True Partnership

We make a strong emphasis on professionalism and strong partnership. Intersog delivers functional solutions that are going to last you years and generate value for your business. Our goal is to not just code for you and make some money, Intersog is here to help you transform and gain new benefits out of the digital transformation. We build lasting relationships to support your product throughout its lifecycle.

Action-Ready Team

We do not waste time and act fast to give you a team of true professionals ready to deliver tangible results. The time is money, and we save you both – Intersog is the partner you can rely on when you need the job done fast and with laser precision. We will get you an entire team of C# developers in a matter of days, so you’ll be able to just straight to your project without having to waste time recruiting people.

Why Hire Offshore C# Developers?

Each company has its reasons to hire a team of C# developers:

  • You don’t have any professional developers in house
  • You need developers to get your project going faster
  • You want to augment your team with senior developers
  • You want to save money by hiring an offshore team

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Global Outreach for Your Success

Intersog is a global provider of software development services headquartered in the USA and with offices around the world.

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    Spend Less, Gain More

    Intersog is the partner you need if your goal is to get your project moving fast and with minimum waste. We work fast and deliver superb results allowing you to gain more out of this partnership. Intersog gives you unparalleled professionalism, genuine care, and the true partnership.

    High ROI

    Return on investment is the most important thing here as we all want to get some bang for the buck. Our common goal here is to develop a great product, give it a strong push at the market, ensure its quality over time, and gain profit out of it. Intersog works fast and offers reasonable hourly rates. With the increased time to market and superb quality of the product, you can count on spectacular ROI rates.

    Focus on Cost-Efficiency

    Intersog offers you unrivaled expertise, fast recruitment, and reasonable hourly rates. By hiring an entire team of C# developers all at once, you can save up to 40% on the project cost. We also take care of the back-office administration, which includes paid vacations for the developers, taxes, sick leaves, and all the other back-office management tasks. You don’t need to worry about all the trifles with Intersog.


    From the moment you contact Intersog, it takes just a couple of days for our developers to jump on your project. Once you’ve chosen the people you want working on your project, they are ready to jump straight into it. Time is money and both of those are critical assets for any business, which is why we try to save both. We deliver tangible results in the shortest time and deliver success at a low price.

    How We Do It

    What makes Intersog special is our genuine love for the work we do here. We offer a flexible engagement model that is meant to better fit different kinds of clients.

    Full-Cycle Development

    Intersog can get your project from the ground up and to the final and fully functional solution. We define your key objectives and achieve them one by one.

    Saving Money

    Intersog saves your time and money by hiring full teams of developers fast and at a reasonable price. With our services, you can cut your project cost by as much as 40%.

    Diverse Talent Pool

    We are a global talent powerhouse ready to deliver superb software development services on demand. Intersog helps you hire the world’s best developers.

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