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Will Wearable Technology Fail?

We have a look at seven specific reasons that wearable tech might fail as well as four solid reasons why it might actually succeed. By looking at both lists carefully, it's easy to see why so many people are excited about the possibilities of this type of technology.

Why Wearable Technology Will Fail

wearable tech, wearable gadgetsFirst, let's take a look at seven specific reasons that wearable technology might fail in the years ahead.

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  1. Bad Design - One of the biggest things that could cause wearable technology to fail is a bad design. For example, if it's difficult to wear, people aren't going to buy it.

  2. People Hate It - Going along with bad designs, another thing that can have an effect is whether or not people like the technology.

  3. Too Expensive - Another thing that could affect technology you can wear is the price. If it's too high for most people, it's never going to take off.

  4. No Competition - One of the things that could cause prices to go too high is not enough competition, something that is easily possible in today's world.

  5. Battery LIfe - If wearable technology has cumbersome batteries that wear out quickly, it's never going to take off.

  6. Too Constrictive - If wearable tech is too bulky or too constrictive, people aren't going to wear it no matter how useful it is most of the time.

  7. No Privacy - The matter or privacy of personal data stored on the wearable technology is another big factor that will decide whether it's successful or not.

Why Wearable Technology Won't Fail

Next, let's take a look at four reasons there's a good chance technology you can wear will take off instead of failing.

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  1. Reasonable Price - Cheapest isn't always better, but for wearable tech to become mainstream, the price is going to have to be reachable by most people.

  2. The Market - While only a few app development companies are competing in this space right now, there are signs more are getting involved, which can increase competition.

  3. Fast Innovations - If wearable technology does become popular, more money is going to be poured into design by manufacturers which will make it better overall.

  4. Secure Data - Being able to provide consumers with guarantees about privacy and protection of personal data is something else that would help the technology thrive.

All you need to do is look at a book like Wearable Robots to know that the future is very bright indeed. Not everyone is going to be interested in technology they can wear, but the younger generation - and future generations - are sure to be interested for one reason or another. And that's when mankind is going to start heading off in a brand new direction.

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