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what kind of programmer should I fire

Five Mistakes That Can Get Any Programmer Fired Immediately

There are plenty of reasons why software engineers get terminated instantly. These can range from failing to protect business digital assets, failure to fulfill obligations or even an abuse of power for their own nefarious ends. Then there are situations where programmers are fired for just opening their mouth at the wrong time or, at the other extreme, not opening their mouth at the right time.

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Python developers in Chicago

Some Cool Things You Can Do With Python

Python has taken over the developing space. In fact, it’s everywhere.
ux design

UX Design Triggers to Capture Users and Improve Sales

Can you guess a way to a successful design of your web or mobile product? One that will help you get much bang for the buck when marketing your site or app to end users?
Fitness Bracelets and Activity Trackers

How Wearables Work: Fitness Bracelets and Activity Trackers

Wearable gadgets have flown into our everyday life in the recent months and, despite many expert predictions that 2014 will not become the year of wearables, it's clear as day that wearable technology is here to stay forever. Smart fitness bracelets, smart watches and smart glasses are going mainstream gradually yet confidently, and will inevitably become commodity products soon just like smartphones and tablets.

NewsCastic: Intersog Becomes Web and Mobile Development Partner for Ski Nation, Inc

NewsCastic picks up our press release announcing app development partnership with Ski Nation, Inc.
estimate project development in Chicago

How to Estimate Software Development Project In Man-Hours Realistically

For many custom development service providers calculating man-hours required to complete a software development project is a rocket science and a huge pain in the neck. As a rule, rough man-hour estimations that clients receive from developers is a far cry from the actually spent hours, which results in overheads and unhappy clients who don't trust their provider and believe they add up hours to make more money from their project. In fact, that's not true in most of cases! Today, we're facing a tough competition for price points and software development providers rarely blow up client's budget in order to win and retain them.
iOS & Android App Development Cost in 2015

Cost of Application Development: iOS vs Android

According to Google Trends, "app development cost" is one of today's most popular search terms in the United States and UK, with regional interest rates reaching 100 and 94 respectively.   Since iOS and Android are indisputably the two major mobile ecosystems as of now, let's see what makes up the app development cost for each of them, and how it can actually be reduced.

How to Define a Successful Software Project

Success is a relative term and it’s often defined differently based on an individual frame of reference.

7 Steps to Build a Successful MVP Without Paying Through the Nose

All great products start with an idea that you then have to take to the next level in order to build a successful business around it.

How To Develop an Effective Agile Talent Management Strategy

Not long ago, it was very easy for corporate giants to attract the best talent across a variety of industries.

My Recipe For Successful Offshore Agile Team Management

I have spent a fair amount of time in building from scratch and managing an offshore development team in Ukraine.

How Being Agile Is Different From Doing Agile

“Agile” has become a buzzword over the years and has even made it into marketing content.

How To Approach Corporate Innovation The Data-Driven Way

Companies both big and small all want the exact same thing.

Five Types of Dysfunctions in Software Development Teams and How to Fix Them

When you put a bunch of humans together, there is always a good chance of dysfunction creeping in.

Five Tips For Understanding and Eliminating a Technical Debt

Whether it’s currency or software code, the word “debt” can conjure up some nightmares.

Product Owner's Role In Agile Teams

Product owners have an important role to play in agile teams.

Five Metrics to Measure Your Software Team Performance

In a modern world, continuous integration (CI) is part of the game, so standalone metrics just don’t cut it anymore.

How AI Impacts SDLC and Transforms the Way Dev Teams Work

Disruptive technologies are now the norm in software development and have a significant impact on the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the way development teams work.