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Software Developer Salaries in Ukraine as of May and June 2014

The Ukrainian community of software developers was exploring salaries in the national IT and software exports markets in May and June 2014, and has just published their survey results. If you're thinking about adding external workforce to your current software development endeavors or setting up own software / mobile development team abroad, this information may be useful in your choice of the software development outsourcing destination. Note that all salaries presented here are in USD, monthly, net (excl. taxes) and median.

1. Ukrainian Software Developer salaries across all major IT cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk..

it salaries ukraine 2014

2. Software Developer salaries in Kyiv

software developer salaries kiev, it salaries kyiv

3. Software Developer salaries by programming languages / technologies

php salary ukraine, java salary ukraine, python salary ukraine, ruby on rails salary ukraine

4. Software Developer salaries by company type

it salaries ukraine 2014

5. Software Developer salaries by vertical / niche

ukrainian IT salaries 2014

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Profile of respondents: 5,000+ IT specialists, of them 88% are male and 12.4% - female, the medial age is 26 y.o. In Ukraine, seniority levels are determined in the following way (apart from individual leadership qualities):

  • senior software developer - 6+ years of experience
  • senior QA engineer - 5+ years
  • software engineer - 3 years
  • junior software engineer - 1 year

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