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Samsung Spectacles vs Google Glass

Just in case you haven't heard yet - there's good news in the world of wearable computing. Samsung has recently filed a patent for their own "sports" version of Google Glass - what some are now calling Samsung Spectacles. It's interesting to see another huge company getting on the wearables bandwagon, isn't it?

More About Google Glass

You've probably already heard quite a lot about Google Glass, but let's go over some highlights of this product to refresh your memory first. Imagine just saying out loud "take a picture" and have a photo taken of whatever you're looking at right away. Or have your questions answered on the virtual screen in front of you while walking on the street. With Google Glass you can get real-time directions or even ask for a translation so you can speak with foreigners anywhere on the planet.

While the idea of Google Glass may seem far fetched, it's actually a reality today. Currently, Google lets only certain people explore its premier wearable tech product. Google Glass testing is mainly limited to mobile app developers and gadget geeks who may opt to build apps for the wearable devices in the future.

More About Samsung Spectacles

While that's not yet their official name, Samsung Spectacles have a good chance of becoming another buzz word soon. Samsung's device is similar to Google Glass in some ways, but is also different to a great extent. This doesn't necessarily make it better or worse, but it's important to understand the differences to determine which gadget will be a better fit to your communication or augmented reality needs once they go mainstream.

Samsung Spectacles connect wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet device which is radically different from Google Glass that doesn't need any device connection to operate. However, wireless connectivity is supposed to help Samsung create a lighter, cheaper and more flexible product compared to Google Glass (in terms of UX). It also means Samsung Spectacles will have a way longer battery life which is another prerequisite of the successful mass market launch.

Google Glass vs Samsung Spectacles?

Now that you know the main difference between the two wearable gadgets, it's time to take a look at which one might be right for you. On the one hand, both Google and Samsung are known for creating great products quality-wise, but you can only wear one pair of glasses at a time. So, your user choice will most likely be influenced by how much freedom you want with regards to your wearable assistants.

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For people who just want to listen to music or answer their calls while doing workouts in the gym, Samsung Spectacles are a good choice (they're basically poised to be best suited for sports rather than daily wear). And for those who want a richer experience - including enhanced reality - Google Glass is going to be the way to go.

And do you think these two gadgets are going to become competitors once pushed to the mass market?

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