Recapping State of The Developer Nation As of Q1 2016

VisionMobile has just released their new State of The Developer Nation Report for Q1 2016 that's based on the world's largest survey of software developers (over 22,000 participants from 150 countries).

Let us walk you through it to see what's trending now as far as mobile, desktop, Cloud and IoT software development is concerned.

Summary of key takeaways

developer economics Q1 2016

developer economics Q1 2016


software developer earnings 2016

In conclusion, as the three most popular development sectors - mobile, Cloud and desktop - are overlapping now, developers can take advantage of it and exploit them to build applications focusing on all three at the same time.

As IoT goes mainstream with existing and expected developments in m2m, machine learning, deep learning, sensors, etc., it will inevitably become the major game changer for developers.

Do you have a software development project idea and need professional assistance with specification, PoC, prototyping, software development and QA?

And what's your take on the survey?

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