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Online gambling regulation in the Netherlands: what to expect in 2015?

Software Development Blogs
Petcube Breaks a Record on Kickstarter

Software Development Blogs
Top Foreign Companies Running R&D Centers in Ukraine

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How to develop a killer game

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The Luxury Fashion Business of Apple

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Mashable and Creattica feature Flat Web UI Kit by dart117

We'd like to congratulate our dear friends and colleagues from the sister company dart117 on getting their Flat Web UI Kit featured on Mashable among the 36 high quality design...

IT Salaries in Ukraine: Kiev vs Odessa, Q3 2013

We're continuing to update you on IT salaries' expectations in different cities of Ukraine. This time our HR team has compared gross salaries in Kiev and Odessa as of Q3 2013. The...

Meta Space Glasses: The Killer of Google Glass?

Remember the helmet that Tony Stark uses in the Iron Man? The one with a holographic interface letting you anchor various menus to certain surfaces, sticking a virtual screen on a...

Gartner insights: three important questions to ask your potential cloud provider

Privacy in the cloud is one of the hottest topics on today's IT scene as well as a huge impediment to successful implementation of the corporate cloud strategies. Were there not...

Managed Services Branded as Pirates of Intersog

During Intersog's monthly corporate get-together on August 30th, 2013, our Managed Services team was distinguished as Pirates of Intersog, a special operations unit within the...

How Virtual Sports Products Work

A virtual sports product is typically a hybrid of a sportsbook and online casino that uses simulations of real life sporting events and teams together with Random Number...

Online Casinos: What to Consider When Going Mobile?

No secret that the rapid mobile application development and introduction of more powerful smartphones and tablet devices have boosted evolution of the global mobile market and...