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Ukrainian Software Developers Are Most Loyal To Startups, Research Says

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Recapp Reviews Schedule Planner

Recapp is an app review resource that makes "one good app recommendation, every day." Recently, they reviewed Schedule Planner, a productivity application develop by Intersog for...

E-commerce Trends 2013

Today, e-commerce is growing much faster than sales in general and figures speak for themselves: according to IBM, in Q1 2013 in-store sales grew 3,2% only, while e-commerce sales...

Matt Cooper, oDesk: Outsourcing Allows Startups to Compete With Giants Like Facebook

This year, a special guest at IDCEE that took place in Kiev on 10-11 October was Matt Cooper, VP at oDesk, one of the world's biggest platforms for freelance consultants. Besides...

Ukrainian IT Market 2013: Fresh Stats and Forecasts

Last week Ukraine hosted IDCEE, the biggest conference for IT entrepreneurs and startups in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the most interesting reports presented at the event...

Ukraine Is Top Freelance Supplier in Europe

$8 million earned by Ukrainian freelancers during the second quarter of 2013 on oDesk According to recently released data from oDesk, a global freelancer marketplace focused on...

Why Develop Multiscreen Software: Trends and Recommendations for Business

The latest Google research suggests that companies with well thought-over multiscreen mobile app development strategies have a better chance of capturing the audience and...

M-Commerce Trends 2013: Insights from Google

Google has recently polled over 1,500 smartphone users globally on how exactly they use their devices for shopping. The research fundings generally suggest that mobile shopping...