Microsoft Launches IoT Lab in Kyiv, Ukraine

Microsoft has just opened the Interner of Things Lab in Kyiv to support startups and SMEs looking to harness the power of IoT. From now on, Ukrainian software development teams can learn the IoT basics and building blocks for free in the Microsoft-hosted laboratory and will get access to tools, platforms and equipment required to practice and master their IoT skills.

IT teams can apply for a work station at the Lab until December 15, 2015, and Microsoft will evaluate and choose Top 10 teams to continue working in the Lab during 2016.

IoT learning cycle will be split into the four parts:

  • first two months - teams' training in IoT
  • next two months - work on the actual IoT product development
  • next month - IoT product demo
  • next month - vendors relationship training
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The ultimate goal of this pilot project is to create IoT products that will be attractive enough for potential solution buyers. According to IoT Lab's PM:

Ideally, at the end of the project each selected team should have a client ready to purchase their IoT solution, as well as a contract with a plant ready to manufacture this solution.

Software teams looking to join IoT Lab and work on real-life projects will get:

  • Advanced training in IoT back-end development and integrations
  • Access to equipment such as Arduino, Netduino, Raspberry Pi 2, sets of sensors, modules and meters such as multimeters and oscillographs
  • Work station
  • Free 3-year access to Azure Cloud in the frames of the Microsoft BizSpark program

Microsoft will be using basic selection criteria to define the winning teams: developers' ability to program and create quality code, IoT product idea and understanding of radio-electronics and cybernetics.

To learn more about the project, please visit Microsoft IoT Lab's website.

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