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M-Commerce Trends 2013: Insights from Google

Google has recently polled over 1,500 smartphone users globally on how exactly they use their devices for shopping. The research fundings generally suggest that mobile shopping has become a commodity practice, with a smartphone serving as a starting point for pre-shopping and shopping.

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As many as 90% of all smartphone users polled actually use their devices for pre-shopping such as finding store location and working hours, comparing prices and looking for promo codes, etc. Surprisingly, but 84% of smartphone users say they use their device to shop while in store. This finding suggests that, unlike online commerce, mobile commerce is a phygital rather than a digital activity. On average, mobile users spend over 15 minutes per 1 store visit while shopping around. Also, frequent mobile shoppers spend up to 3x more per a physical shopping trip, compared to standard smartphone users!

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Another interesting finding is that 33% of smartphone users turn to their devices for product related help instead of asking the store personnel. It suggests that mobile boosts self-help in shopping. See more details in the slides below.

Mobile Commerce Trends 2013: Insights from Google from INTERSOG

The aforementioned trends suggest that today's brands shouldn't underestimate the role that mobile devices already play in online retail and should be ready to invest more in boosting own presence in the mobile space and providing their customers with top-notch mobile shopping experiences such as mobile websites with responsive design, mobile apps, mobile audience tracking, social commerce tools, geolocation based services, etc.

While consumer behaviors clearly underscore the transformation from online to mobile, many mobile app development companies are yet to enable mobile technology to shape the trend. So, do you still have an online shop that looks ugly, cumbersome and broken on a mobile screen? Fix it now or don't complaining about your lost sales in the future!

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