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IT Salaries in Ukraine as of December 2014

Ukraine's largest online community of software developers, DOU has recently published the results of their 2014 Ukrainian IT Salaries Research and we traditionally provide the English coverage of this Report for those looking to leverage offshore or nearshore Tech Talent pools.

DOU has polled over 6,000 IT specialists in the period between 22 December 2014 and 18 January 2015. All salaries are median, monthly, net (after taxes) and in USD. Of those 6,000 plus participants polled, a good half represent software development outsourcing service providers, almost 30% - product companies, 10% - outstaffing providers, 4% - startups and the rest come from non-technology companies.

IT companies Ukraine

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See below detailed breakdown by job roles, locations and programming languages:

it salaries ukraine 2014

In Kyiv, the capital city, median IT salaries are generally higher than in other cities. See below.

IT salaries 2014 in kyiv

Regarding programming languages and technologies, senior Java and Ruby/Rails developers have the biggest piece of the salary pie:

php salary ukraine, java salary ukraine, ruby salary ukraine

To our surprise, the 2014 research by DOU doesn't include mobile developers' salaries which is a big omission given the volume of mobile development requests sent to Ukraine these days from the EU and North America. We're fixing it by providing our own salary ranges for iOS and Android development. Please see below Intersog's internal salary stats for Kyiv and Odessa:

ukraine it salaries, intersog

For your convenience we've also designed a complimentary Software Development Team Cost Calculator, please check it out!

And how do these salaries compare to your home country?

Sources:, 2015; Intersog, 2014; featured image:

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