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Intersog’s Small Business Cloud Storage Expertise Featured in New Study

Intersog’s Head of Marketing and Public Relations Viktor Bogdanov reflected on Clutch’s new survey findings about how small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) use cloud storage.

Clutch, a Washington, DC-based research, ratings, and reviews platform for B2B, identifies leading firms and agencies in a variety of industries, including application development, IT consulting, marketing and advertising, and web design and development.

In Intersog's interview with Clutch, Viktor discussed how SMBs could benefit from using cloud storage and the future of the Cloud in the SMB market. He also expressed surprise that 48 percent of small businesses have not started using cloud storage yet.

I’m a bit surprised with this figure. Physical servers are very expensive to own and maintain, and private or public cloud storage can save businesses, especially small- to medium-sized businesses, a lot of money that could be used to improve operations or become more innovative.

In addition to the reduced cost of storing and recovering data and files, cloud storage allows SMBs to share data and collaborate more efficiently and effectively, according to Bogdanov.

However, despite these benefits, cloud storage can hurt a SMB if the company is not compliant to the industry’s data management regulations.

When companies start using cloud storage services without checking if the provider has the correct compliance … risks arise. The company could face significant challenges, such as data breaches, or face additional costs when they have to migrate their data to an alternative storage provider.

While a fear of the Cloud may make SMBs wary of adopting cloud storage services, the Cloud will shape how businesses operate in 2016 and beyond.

Managing big data in the physical environment will be too expensive and cumbersome, so the Cloud will become (and already is) the most appropriate hub for any big data initiatives. So, I believe more small businesses will be rushing to the Cloud if they intend to translate their raw data into valuable insights and business intelligence.

Clutch’s complete research features data-driven survey findings and more commentary from Intersog, among other Cloud thought leaders, about small businesses cloud storage adoption trends and usage habits.

Sarah is an analyst at Clutch. As a member of the marketing team, she conducts research that aims to help businesses and consumers select and use IT services and software.