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How Mobility Drives Sports Business

Sports is a people business, so we’re looking for ways to use technology to further engage with people. Each arena is like a lab, trying out new programs to find what’s successful in deepening engagement and building new revenue.” said John Abbarmondi, vice president of the King’s NBA Team Marketing & Business Operations division.

According to the Google Analytics trends, people in the U.S. are quite interested in sport apps and businesses need to understand the benefits like the NBA and Abbarmondi do. Abbarmondi is correct in his thinking as Mark Craig of Cisco Systems Sports & Entertainment Group solidifies it:

“70% of fans bring a mobile device to the stadium or arena and expect to use it during a game as well.”

Research and Market reports the Global Sports and Fitness App market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.78% between 2013-2018, and eMarketer and Flurry support that CAGR with sport apps tripling worldwide between August 2013 and August 2014 with a growth of 210%. Plus, sport app fans use sport apps more than twice as much as the average user. Read about mobile app development services.

Though fans are ready to engage and have the mobile devices to do so there is still a major challenge facing the sports market -- and that is users navigating within an app store. Developers can develop a mobile app but users find it difficult to find the correct app and can download the incorrect, illworking product. Illworking and incorrect apps can dramatically decrease the use of a proven successful apps and that’s why it is important to work with a team that can idealize, envision and create an app that works and is being utilized.

Do you have a digital solution that will allow a business to capitalize on mobile ​technology and enhance the fan experience from their home to the arena?

Vanessa is Intersog's Marketing Manager for North America and has a nine year marketing background that crosses all facets of marketing, which includes B2C and B2B marketing. Or as Vanessa likes to say, "H2H marketing." When Vanessa is not at the office, she can be found exploring, eating and spending time with her better half, Spencer and their four-legged pets, Stanley Cup and Lady.