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How to Avoid Five Common Mistakes in Apps Development and Marketing

Yesterday we held a joint webinar with our sister company ComboApp in which the two mobile apps marketing professionals who live and breathe apps and app stores provided their...

How to make your app Google bot friendly

Last week our front-end team lead Vyacheslav Potravnyy did a great presentation on SEO methods in a single-page application (SPA) at Odessa Geeks Lab, a new educational initiative...

Computer engineering salaries in Ukraine as of February 2014

The main Think Tank for Ukrainian techies has just published its updates on their regular software engineer salary research and I believe it's worthwhile to share them...

How To Optimize Regression Test Suite Effectively

Mobile application development is a consistent process requiring a lot of changes and enhancements from time to time. However, not all developers manage to create applications...

Tips for Aspiring Startup Founders

I've recently shared the below recommendations at one of the startups ramp-up workshops I've hosted, and would like to re-share them here. At least one failed startup is a...

Why Develop Multiscreen Software: Trends and Recommendations for Business

The latest Google research suggests that companies with well thought-over multiscreen mobile app development strategies have a better chance of capturing the audience and...