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Any game requires a lot of content, but creating graphics, music, 2D / 3D models and other elements can be too expensive and time consuming for indie studios and/or small game development teams. Good news is that you don't have to invent a bicycle, as most of things you may want for your game have already been created by someone else before. Of course, custom designed assets look unique and cool, but "packaged" solutions are still able to make your game rock! Now let's see how an indie game developer or a small team can improve the look and feel of their gaming products using some ready-made assets and plug-ins. More about mobile app development company.

There're a lot of different asset stores out there offering rather inexpensive solutions for 3D design, animation, UI and icons, special effects, etc. Here's what we use at Intersog for own and white label game development:

  • Scirra

Buy 2D assets for your game.

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Here you can buy anything from 3D models to soundtracks and UI design elements.

  • 3D Ocean

This is your hub for unusual 3D models you can't find in other asset stores.

  • Audiojungle

A great place for stock music. Your game won't have a unique soundtrack, but can still provide some decent tunes to spice it up.

  • TurboSquid

Need some low poly meshes? Now you know where to buy some.

  • Candela SSR

This is the Advanced Screen Space Glossy Reflections plug-in that can be used as an alternative to static reflections in order to significantly improve the graphics quality using information about what's already been rendered on the screen.

  • SSAO Pro

Higher quality and more productive equivalent of a standard SSAO post-effect.

  • Better Trails

Trail renderer tool.

  • Shadow Softener

Tool to create beautiful shadows.

  • Shader Forge

Node-based editor.

  • Mixamo Fuse

Cool 3D character creator.

The list can be endless and is indicative that any indie game developer or small studio can build professionally looking games of any complexity without spending a fortune on custom designs and music.

Yet, don't forget about the hidden cost of DIY game development!

And yes - you can build your key game assets from scratch and gear them towards your own plot vision without paying through the nose by choosing the right engagement model with your software development partner. Want to know how? Drop us a line!

BTW, we'll be showcasing our gaming portfolio at ICE Totally Gaming 2015, please feel free to visit us at Stand N7-302 to discuss how we can help you with your game development needs.

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