Black Sea SummIT: How To See World Famous Tech Stars In One Place

Last weekend, Odessa, one of Ukraine's leading tech hubs, welcomed an unprecedented number of globally recognized IT gurus, evangelists and thought leaders that came over to participate in Black Sea SummIT 2015 and share their opinions on the current sate of innovation, startups and the future of technology.

Intersog's Partner and Co-Owner Alex Bornyakov moderated keynotes and panel discussions at a startups stage. Guest speakers included: Tom Gilb, Aleksander Tõnnisson from Buildit, Erik Anderson from StartUp WiseGuy, Yannick Tranchier from NUMA, Vetle Nilsen from CERN, guys form Looksery that was recently acquired by SnapChat, and other IT pundits and practitioners.

See how it was in our photo report below:

Black sea summit

Black Sea SummIT 2015 has gathered over 600 attendees

Tom Gilb

Legendary Tom Gilb, author of "Software Inspection", "Principles of Software Engineering Management", "Software metrics", "Competitive Engineering"; consultant of HP, Boeing, JP Morgan, Nokia and other world famous brands

Mike Riner, Amazon

Mike Riner, Amazon: "storytelling is much more important for development of the innovative ecosystem than aspiration to build a new Silicon Valley"

Mike Riner, Amazon

Intersog at Black Sea Summit

Intersog's Co-Owner Alex Bornyakov moderates startups stage at Black Sea SummIT 2015

looksery and snapchat

Guys from Looksery that is now SnapChat

startups competition

Startups competition @ Black Sea SummIT

red panda

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