How I Tested a Wearable For Dreams Control

Last week, I attended New Ukraine Investment Conference where I met guys from Luciding, a former WannaBiz incubator resident. Luciding is a startup that has created a unique gadget called LucidCatcher for immersion in a lucid dream state that allows for dreams control and management. Luciding participated in a panel discussion and right after the panel I approached the guys and asked them to test the latest gadget version. I only had a chance to test the device for one night and that's what I did. I can say for sure the device works very well. Here's what I've experienced so far.

My first dream was very apocalyptic and reminiscent of the Fallout game. At first I saw some tunnels and then a group of people including myself emerging on the surface. I remember the surface in details. Then we went through bushes dressed in rags and decided to buy some new clothes in the market we bumped into all of a sudden. At this very moment I realized I was sleeping. I couldn't do anything but watch, observe, follow and gaze at things.

My second dream came right after the first one. I dreamed of walking about Odessa with some people and was going to meet my relatives. I remember the scene very well - it was downtown, I was walking down to the metro and finally I realized there was no metro in Odessa! It was a very unexpected discovery. And again I started following the dream as an outside observer, but this time I knew for sure it was a dream. So, I walked down to the metro and started losing touch with my consciousness; my dream became somewhat blurred and unclear. Then everything happened very rapidly: I remember clearly how I met my 13 y.o. nephew and we began talking about computer games. The weirdest thing is that we talked about stuff my nephew couldn't know anything about. And that's when I realized again it was a dream. Shorty after that I woke up.

In the middle of the night I took the device off my head, as it was too tight for me. But it occurred to me that it's much easier to remember dreams using LucidCatcher, as we normally forget the dream or its details a couple of hours after we've woken up.

Wrapping up all of the above, I believe the Luciding team deserves its spot at Kickstarter!

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Alex Bornyakov is Intersog's Partner and Co-Owner and BD Director at VertaMedia. Alex has 7+ years of experience in Internet marketing, online advertisement, media buying, software outsourcing services, mobile development, and software production management.

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