Ambient Computing As an Enabler of Amplified Intelligence

In the world of ambient intelligence (AmI) all devices work together in order to support people in their everyday activities. They use intelligence and information concealed in the network that connects these devices. AmI puts people and their user experience in the first place, making sure that in the end technology stops being noticed and only UI remains visible to us. To be a little more specific, ambient computing as part of AmI generally defines electronic environments, sensitive and responsive to the human presence. It embraces the background of sensing and possible action in addition to static predetermined workflows, running procedures and control scripts.

When we use technology to enhance human intelligence whenever a business impact occurs, it is called amplified intelligence - advanced analytics that helps decision-making on sophisticated queries become more effective through statistical approaches provided by machines. Amplified intelligence establishes potential for functional effectiveness and competitive leverage through delivering data in real time whenever and wherever it is required. It is widely applied in multiple functions and industries.

One of such industries is insurance. Thanks to the fast developing IoT technologies every insurer now has much more precise understanding of the risks their customers may be exposed to. Availability of the real-time data access on insured reactions and actual environmental conditions empowers a more accurate and customized support coverage. Ambient computing has been embraced by some providers insuring homes through stimulating their customers with discounts. Those that utilize smart house technologies such as smart thermostats that help hinder water pipes from freezing or smart security systems that keep their homes safe, get better deals. With further development of the IoT hi-tech capacity and growing popularity, the insurance industry counts on having rich data that will help avoid even bigger, more significant risks.

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Car insurers in a similar way take advantage of the technology by researching and creating devices that would monitor driving behaviors promoting low-risk and safe driving with real-time feedback. This will potentially result in lower severities and frequencies of accidents, a decreased loss ratio for insurance providers and will generally lower prices on premiums.

Another industry of the many that’s already about to implement ambient computing is energy. Smart meters that are about to be installed in Northern Illinois, USA by 2018 will help improve functional effectiveness and provide clients with the necessary data and tools to better run their costs and consumption of energy. The plan is that new smart meters will help minimize the loss of energy, lower the level of electricity theft and consumption on inactive meters, decrease the number of electricity bills and reduce manual meter reading necessities.

Bottom line is ambient computing enables amplified intelligence in many complex ways where applications or simple visualizations allow people to act in a different manner than usual. When the data is integrated with relevant sensors, objects and people, it will have an enormous impact on our daily lives and work. 

And what's your take on this? Are you going to challenge your technology teams with AmI systems development throughout 2016?

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