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2015 Mobile Tech Trends

The perception of mobile technology and its abundant application is all the rage. It is a profoundly innovative and evolving constant in our most important interface – the Connected World in which we live. As we approach 2015, mobile app development technology continues to offer end users no shortage of ways to stay connected to an ever-changing world through sophisticated mobile apps designed to effectively enhance the personal user experience (UX).

The following list of trends is a compilation of five various practices anticipated to be on the rise in 2015. They include, but are not limited to:

1. Context-rich Systems

User + Design + Context = Behavior.

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Although both the User and Design components have been perpetually redefined and, in essence, perfected, the challenge remains to further identify the total scope of a project in order to create relevant Context, thus elevating a mobile app’s intended UX.

2. Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

An emerging discipline focused on identifying the most advantageous mobility strategy for an organization relative to the nature of the work performed.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT development is a concept referring to the progressive and inevitable digitization of all things offering advanced connectivity of devices, systems and services across all platforms.

4. Wearables

Functional gadgets (i.e. healthcare sensors, jewelry, watches/display devices) are quickly becoming your smartphone’s latest accessories; complete with a corresponding mobile app allowing the devices to be fully integrated and transmit data. More about mobile app development company.

5. Security & Privacy

As the Connected World in which we live, work and play becomes even more so, the importance of creating mobile apps that are security-aware while maintaining a positive UX is more critical than ever.

How are you leveraging and implementing the potential of these trends in order to effectively enhance you and/or your organization’s overall UX?

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