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[Intersog Podcast #3] Interview with CEO and Founder of Video Medicine, Inc.

I've recently had a chance to talk to our long standing business partner and founder of the world's first free market telemedicine platform for healthcare professionals and patients in the United States and beyond.

How VideoMedicine App Works

We've shot this demo to show you how one of the world's most disruptive telemedicine apps we've built for Video Medicine, Inc.

Intersog Completes Beta Deployment of Groundbreaking VideoMedicine App

We're pleased to announce that Intersog's mobile development team has recently completed the successful beta deployment of phase 2 of an innovative eHealthcare video chat app for Video Medicine, Inc., the world's first mobile free-market doctor network founded by Dr.

Telemedicine: From Smoke Signals To Mobile Applications

The first form of telemedicine began with African villagers who used smoked signals to warn people to stay away from their village in case of serious disease.

How Is Patient-Centric Application Development Different?

The digital age has ushered in increased awareness, especially when it comes to one’s health.

Salus Telehealth

[box][/box] [one_half class=""] Client Goal [text] Video Medicine, Inc., founded by Dr.

Value proposition for Silicon Valley startups

div.main-text-top div.margin div.gray {z-index:999;} [yellow_wg color="gray" background="/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Silicon_Valley.jpg"] [one_half class=""] [text] It’s very difficult for a startup to find and hire software developers in Silicon Valley - it’s a fact!

eHealth Application Development

[workspace color="white"] [two-third class=""][text] New ways to address healthcare Today, businesses are seeking new ways to address healthcare needs of communities and individuals by integrating medical, social, behavioral and environmental data.

Six Building Blocks of UX Design for Mobile Health Apps

Mobile healthcare apps (aka mHealth apps) have become widespread in various aspects of healthcare, largely as an effect of the rapid evolution of 3G and 4G technologies.

Mobile Security: How Developers Should Protect Android Apps

In 2014, mobile app usage accounted for 86% of time spent on mobile devices, up 6% from the year before, according to the Fire Eye report.

eHealth Agenda: App Developers Are Ready, Policymakers - Not Yet

As eHealth apps market has started showing signs of maturity in recent months, many custom mobile software development companies are expecting the rise in RFPs/RFQs received and are also challenged to offer innovative business models to engage with healthcare organizations and stakeholders (e.g.

Top 5 Groundbreaking Mobile Health Solutions As of Today

2015 seems to be full of opportunities in such digital health areas as telemedicine and connected health—needs of healthcare stakeholders are expansive, the specialties are broad, and cutting-edge technologies are developed every day.